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September 2012 Events

Here is our handpicked list of the best of Tel Aviv news and events for September.

September is a special holiday month as Israel celebrates the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashana), Yom Kippur and the beginning of Sukkot (the 7 day Feast of Tabernacles). Visit our page on public Israel holidays for specific dates and details.

As ever, Tel Aviv leads the holiday celebrations in Israel, with music concerts, DJ parties, dance performances, art exhibits and fun things to do with kids.

Here the best of what’s happening this September in the city that never sleeps:

Tel Aviv News and Music Events in September

Whether you like classic rock, house, funk, indie or jazz - Tel Aviv offers you the music of your choice this September.

Tel Aviv News - the City Rocks!

Tel Aviv hosts two legendary rock bands this month – Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Jefferson Starship.

tel aviv news september red hot chili pepper rock concert

Tel Aviv News - Red Hot Chili Peppers Outdoor Concert

They might look middle-aged, but they know how to do their thing - they rock, funk, rap and thrill their audience!

As part of their world tour, the Red Hot Chili Peppers visit Tel Aviv on their world tour.

When: September 10, 5 PM

Where: Park Hayarkon, Ganei Yehoshua, 80 Rokach Boulevard

Cost: Regular ticket - 390 Shekel, (VIP Tickets are Sold Out)

Tickets: Click on the link to order online: Chili Peppers in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv Rocks - Legendary Jefferson Starship Play in Tel Aviv

tel aviv news and events september 2012 jefferson starship

Enjoy this classic rock band playing their best psychedelic and electric folk music from the 1970’s until today.

When: September 4, Doors open at 10 PM

Where Reading 3 at the Tel Aviv Port northern entrance, 3 HaTa’arucha Street

Cost: Standing ticket - 210 Shekel, Seated Ticket – 249 Shekel

Tickets: Click on the link to order online: Jefferson Starship in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv News - Jazz at the Port

With Saxophonist Eli Degibri

tel aviv news and events in september jazz saxophonist eli degibri

Eli Degibri, one of the world’s best tenor saxophonists, composers and band leaders and originally from Israel performs high-energy jazz and blues with pianist Gadi Lahavi.

Where: Tel Aviv Port, Hangar 22

When: September 1 at 10 PM

Cost: 70 Shekel

Tickets: Order online Jazz at the Tel Aviv Port

Tel Aviv News - Indie Music Festival!

TCM is a 12 hour Indie music marathon with dozens of local bands and artists performing. It's a perfect place for you to get acquainted with the local music scene and Tel Aviv’s best, up and coming Indie musicians.

When: September 17, 10 AM – 10 PM

Where: Tel Aviv Central Bus Station, 7th Floor- Roof Bus Parking Lot

Cost: 90 Shekel, 110 Shekel at the door

Tickets: Order tickets at 03-5286106

Tel Aviv News in September - International DJs

Tel Aviv has an amazing party scene, especially during this holiday month of September celebrating the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashana). This September, some of the world’s best DJs play in Tel Aviv clubs.

For more about where to go out in Tel Aviv, visit our pages on Tel Aviv nightlife.

Tel Aviv News - AfroJack Plays Dutch House in Tel Aviv!

tel aviv news and events september dj afrojack plays on rosh hashana jewish new year

Don’t miss top 7 DJ AfroJack, aka Nick van de Wall from the Netherlands who plays his super danceable Dutch house in Tel Aviv on Rosh Hashana - the Jewish New Year.

When: September 17, 12 AM - 6 AM

Where: ‘Bitan 1’ at the Israel Convention Center (Ganei HaTaarucha), 101 Rokach Boulevard

Cost: Regular ticket - 170 Shekel, VIP Ticket – 220 Shekel

Tickets: Buy tickets online at Afrojack in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv News and Events - House Music

WhoMadeWho Play at the Block

tel aviv news and events who made who play at the block

This Danish trio play their punky, dance-floor friendly, German house music at the Block this September.

When: September 21, 12 AM - 6 AM

Where: the Block, 157 Salame Street (near the Central Bus Station)

Cost: 100 Shekel

Tickets: Call 03-5378002. Online tickets available soon.

Tel Aviv News and Dance Events - Tzeuka

This amazing dance production is choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui’s tribute to the late Tezuka, probably the most famous Japanese comic book and animation artist (manga) whose characters are recognized worldwide. The production includes 10 dancers, musicians and calligraphy.

Where: Israel Opera House, 19 Shaul Hamelech St.


Sept. 20 at 8 PM

Sept 21 at 1 PM

Sept 22 at 9 PM

Sept 23 at 8 PM

Sept 24 at 8 PM

Cost: 186 - 269 Shekel (depending on the seat)

Tickets: Call 03-692-7777

Tel Aviv News and Events for Kids

Bodies Exhibition at the Old Train Station - Fun & Educational

The Bodies Exhibition is in Tel Aviv until October 21st at HaTachana - the Old Train Station. It gives you a closeup view of the human body using preserved real human bodies!

Sounds weird?

Maybe so, but I found it fascinating. If you don't tend to get queasy, I recommend it for both kids and adults.

Click here more for more information, schedules and cost Bodies Exhibit in Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv Kids Events in September

Insider Tours at the Israel Zoo and Safari

tel aviv news and events guided tours at the israel zoo and safari

The Israel Safari, a 15 minute drive from the center of Tel Aviv, offers fascinating guided tours for kids early in the morning or in the evenings for kids above 3 years old. Read more about the best Zoo and Safari Park in Israel.

You and your kids will spend 2-3 hours with the guide, on the safari train, walking through selected parts of the zoo, seeing how the zookeepers take care of the animals. You will be able to feed some animals too!

The fascinating midnight tours focus on the love and mating habits of the animals and are for adults only.

Courtesy -Safari photographer Nir Geiger


Morning Tours - 69 Shekel, 89 Shekel includes breakfast

Dusk Tours - 83 Shekel

Night Tours - 85 Shekel

Midnight Tours - 89 Shekel (for adults only)


Participants must be over 3 years old

Lat night tours are for adults above 18 years old


Sept 8 at 10:15 PM

Sept 13 at 11 PM

Sept 15 at 7:45 PM

Sept 15 at 10:15 PM

Sept 16 at 7:30 AM

Sept 17 at 7:30 AM

Sept. 20 at 11 PM and 11:30 PM

Sept. 22 at 10:15 PM

Sept. 27 at 4 PM

Sept. 26 at 10:45 PM

Sept 27 at 7:30 AM

Sept 27 at 8:15 PM

Sept. 27 at 10:15 PM

Sept 29 at 7:30 AM

Sept 29 at 8:15 PM

Sept. 29 at 10:15 PM

Tickets: Click here to order tickets now (space is limited)

Best Tel Aviv News and Art Events

Philippe Boulakia Exhibit at the Jaffa Port

tel aviv news and events september art exhibit Philippe Boulakia

Leading Israeli designer Philippe Boulakia recently moved from a northern Tel Aviv suburb to Jaffa. In this exhibit, he explores the contrasts in Jaffa, his Tunisian roots, his years in Paris and his Western aesthetic training and influences.

For more about what to see and do in old Jaffa, visit our page on Israel, Jaffa.

When: Aug 9– Sept. 13

Sun – Thurs. 11 AM – 7PM

Friday 11 -6 PM

Saturday 11 – 5PM

Where: Jaffa Port, Building 1, 2nd Floor

Cost: free of charge

Haunting Art Exhibit from Frenchman Boltanski

tel aviv news and events september art exhibit christian boltanski at nahum gutman museum

Tel Aviv has a lively and vibrant art scene.

A haunting, beautiful exhibit by French artist Christian Boltanski opens at the Nahum Gutman Museum. Boltanski’s works explore issues relating to memory and loss. He has been called the artist of the shadows.

When: July 5 – Oct. 13

Sun – Thurs. 10 AM – 4 PM

Friday 10 – 2 PM free to charge

Saturday 10 Am – 3 PM

Where: Nahum Guttman Museum, 21 Shimon Rokah Street in Neve Zedek

Cost: 15 Shekel, Friday – free of charge

We hope you enjoyed reading about the Tel Aviv news and events in September. Have a great time!

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