Why Do I Love Tel Aviv Beaches!

by Iain Porter
(St.Thomas, USVI, USA)

Actually the answer is really easy.

My boss sent me on a contract with an Israel company which I enjoyed immensely. He told me it would be for approximately 6 months. As an engineer I was sort of bored for the initial 3 months because I was locked in to the 'Boring' company. As it turned out it was the best move I ever made.

I met the Israeli girl of my dreams and as my life developed I ended up getting married and did so in the Church of Scotland in Jerusalem. - Best move I ever made!!

Back down to the beach we went promising to make a point of coming back to Tel Aviv and I never looked back!!!

I love Israel with a passion and we'll always come back if for no other reason than to remember the great times we had.

Of course I'd love you to print our story but it's doubtful if you will when we consider the ammount of people that come to Israel annually,

Kindest regards,
Iain Porter

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