Enjoy these Skyscraper Photos of Tel Aviv

We hope you enjoy these wonderful skyscraper photos of Tel Aviv.

People don’t usually associate skyscrapers with Tel Aviv. Some don't like to see skyscrapers near historical buildings.

Tel Aviv skyscraper photos old buildings near new

Adjacent to the modern steel and stone towers, are a mix of historic structures: 1-2 story 'eclectic-style' homes from the early 1900's, modern but modest Bauhaus architecture from the 1930's to 1950's or Turkish and Arabic-style buildings from the past 200 years.

I find these architectural contrasts pretty amazing.

Most of the photos on this page were taken by Itzik Canetti, a Tel Aviv based photographer and a close friend of Nathalie.

Enjoy Itzik's great shots!

The Azrieli Skyscrapers

One circle, one triangle and one square.

Tel Aviv skyscraper photos 3 Azrieli Center Towers

These are the 3 shapes that make up each of the 3 glass and steel Azrieli Towers.

Tel Aviv skyscraper photos Azrieli Tower

Tel Aviv skyscraper photos Azrieli Center building pattern

They are not the tallest buildings in Israel. That distinction goes to Aviv Tower with 66 floors, located a few minutes away in the city of Ramat Gan.

But the three Azrieli towers have become iconic with Tel Aviv's landscape.

Telavivians shop, dine and eat out at the large Azrieli mall, they work out or swim at the Holmes Place health club and work in the hundreds of offices within.

If you visit Tel Aviv on business, you can choose to stay at the Crowne Plaza Hotel situated in the square Azrieli tower.

tel aviv skyscraper photos azrieli center by night

The tallest of the three, the Circular tower has 49 stories. I've taken my kids to the observatory on the 49th floor for a panoramic view of Tel Aviv in all directions. They loved it. It's open Sunday to Thursday from 9:30 until 8 PM, Fridays until 6 PM and Sat. nights it opens at sundown. You pay up to 22 Shekel per person (less at night and for kids).

Or have a meal or a drink at 2C restaurant there and enjoy the breathtaking views. For more about 2C and other good Tel Aviv restaurants, visit our pages:

Good Kosher Eating in Tel Aviv and the best Tel Aviv restaurants.

tel aviv skyscraper photos 49th floor restaurant 2c Azrieli Round Tower

Back to the Azrieli skyscrapers. The story of the man behind the 3 towers is worth telling. The Azrieli Center was built by David Azrieli, a survivor from Poland whose entire family was destroyed in the holocaust.

He escaped to Israel and started learning architecture but Israel's Independence war in 1948 cut his studies short and he fought in the war.

David eventually moved to Canada, built a real estate fortune, eventually becoming the 8th richest man in Canada. He returned to college and got his architecture degree in 1995 at 73 years old!

Azrieli moved back to Israel and built the 3 towers between 1999 and 2007.together with world-renown architect Eli Attia and later, architect Yaski,

Here are more skyscraper photos of the Azrieli Towers from a different angle, taken from the Tel Aviv Art Museum and Kamri Theater complex

Tel Aviv skyscraper photos from Art Museum and Camri Theater Complex

Tel Aviv skyscraper photos from Art Museum and Camri Theater Complex

Some more great Tel Aviv Skyscraper Photos

I hope you like these recent shots of the city's skyscraper skyline taken by my friend Daniella:

Tel Aviv vista at sunset -

Tel Aviv Skyscraper photos sunset vista

And a few minutes later -

Tel Aviv skyscraper photos night vista

Most of Tel Aviv's skyscrapers are modern, beautiful office buildings.

Tel Aviv skyscraper photos two modern glass buildings

But lo and behold, in the past few years, residential skyscrapers have started cropping up all over the city, catering to the city's wealthy. The largest concentrating of Tel Aviv residential skyscrapers are in Tzameret Park. Here are residential skyscraper photos:

tel aviv skyscraper photos tzameret park residential buildings

tel aviv skyscraper photos yoo buildings philippe starck

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