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COVID-19 has drastically changed our world.

family members boarding a plane for a ski vacation one week before the corona covid19 travel restrictions started in Israel

Social distancing is going to stay with us for a long while, even as lockdowns are gradually being eased. It will take a long while until travel start coming back and even then, there will be more local trips and less flying.

Many of us miss traveling and exploring new places. I surely do. 

Perhaps the next best thing to flying is virtual travel, which is surging in popularity these days. You can travel thousands of miles without leaving your armchair at home.

Try our live virtual tours in Israel - you will love them.

All you need is a free version of ZOOM on your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Virtual Tour to Israel
What makes our virtual tours unique?

What do we mean by virtual tours of Israel and what makes our virtual tours unique? 

All our virtual tours are conducted by one of the best professional tour guides. You will love the interactive virtual tour with Levi our licensed house guide.

Levi Go-TelAviv house tour guide

Don't miss a peek at some of the raving reviews of tourists who have traveled with Levi. They find him friendly, fascinating and with a great sense of humor. Levi explains what you are seeing and shares with you the intriguing history and related stories.

Who can ask for more!

All our virtual online tours are 100% live and not pre-recorded. If you want a pre-recorded tour, you might as well watch you local travel or National Geographic channel. We are offering a live tour which is happening as you watch and which can be personalized for you. 

All our tours are interactive! Our professional guide is equipped with a wearable camera and a stabilizing camera gimbal, giving the highest quality experience. You can watch, chat with the guide, ask questions and possibly meet some of the locals.

Choose from the list of tours below.

Virtual Tour to Israel
Online Travel Tours to Tel Aviv

Thee is so much to explore in Tel Aviv - Yafo.

Tel Aviv is the pulsating business and cultural heart of Israel - home to hundreds of restaurants and bars, theater, music clubs as well as many of the technology companies that make Israel a global leader in technology innovation.

Tel Aviv is the pulsating cultural and business center of Israel

Jaffa, or Yafo in Hebrew is an ancient city in the southern tip of Tel Aviv. 

The atmosphere is completely different than modern Tel Aviv with winding alleyways interspersed with art galleries, historic stone buildings, mosques and churches, and more.

Tel Aviv encapsulates the essence of Israel - both the old and the ancient.

Virtual Tour to Israel

Choose the virtual Tel Aviv Tour that interests you most, or try them all!

The White City Virtual Tour
Coming Soon!
Sarona Virtual Tour
Coming Soon!

Virtual Tour to Israel
Discover Ancient Jaffa Online
Itinerary & Booking

Here's what we will see on the Jaffa Virtual Tour:

We'll start at the invisible border between modern Tel Aviv and ancient Jaffa. As we walk south along the Tel Aviv Promenade and enjoy the sea views, we'll talk about the  dramatic history of the Holy Land.

Soon, we'll catch our first view of Jaffa from the distance.

view of Jaffa

We'll see the famous Rocks of Andromeda jutting out from the depth of the sea, and you'll hear about the ancient Greek legend and Jaffa.

We'll continue walking along the shore and visit the Jaffa Port.

Jaffa is one of the most ancient port cities in the world and the oldest in Asia. It is not in use today except for small boats. Today's large ships brings goods to Israel's Haifa and Ashdod ports.

At the Jaffa Port, we'll see the 2,000 year old house of Simon the Tanner where St. Peter had his prophetic dream.

We'll leave the port and stroll along the twisting lanes of Crusader Jaffa.

Eventually, we will reach the highest point of the Jaffa Hill where we'll enjoy stunning views of Tel Aviv.

view of Tel Aviv from the Jaffa Hill, HaPisga

As we continue our walk down the hill, we will see Turkish cannons, the famous Crusader Citadel and an ancient mosque from the 13th century.

Jaffa Virtual Tour Details

  • Interactive, Online Tour of Old Jaffa
  • Duration: 45 hour
  • When: Daily, Sunday to Friday, between 8 AM to 3 PM Israel local time
  • Requirements: Zoom (free account)
  • Price: $23.00 USD per person

Virtual Tour to Israel
Discover Tel Aviv's American Colony Online
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american colony building in Tel Aviv

In southern Tel Aviv is a hidden gem, a tiny, quaint neighborhood of old wooden houses surrounding a beautiful church known as the American Colony in Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv is full of surprises! Who would believe that back in 1866 a group of messianic Christians from Maine settled here, bringing their ‎homes with them. 

We'll take you back 150 years back to those fascinating ‎times when American Settlers were the first the resettle the Holy Land‏.

As we stroll among the original wooden homes and visit inside, you'll hear the real story of these first settlers. 

Tel Aviv American Colony Tour Details

  • Interactive, Online Tour of the American Colony of Tel Aviv
  • Duration: 45 hour
  • When: Sun, Tue, Fri at 5 PM, local Israel time
  • Requirements: Zoom (free account)
  • Price: $23.00 USD per person

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