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Have you always dreamed of having a special event in Israel, but are wondering how to possibly go about it, what is involved in Israel event planning?

An event in Israel beautiful table setting

Celebrating a Wedding, a Bat or Bar Mitzvah, a Birthday or any Special Moment in Israel can be unique and unforgettable.

Whether in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem - 

Bar Mitzvah Event in Jerusalem

Whether on a beach, among the ancient remains in Caesarea, in a Galilee hillside vineyard or even in a beautiful tent in the desert -

unique Israel event in an elegant tent in the desert

The possibilities are endless. Get more information on tailormade Israel Event Planning Services HERE.

Israel Event Planning Poses Special Challenges

Organizing an event Israel can get complicated.

Planning an event is never easy, what with choosing the venue, catering, entertainment, decorations, transportation and more... In a foreign country, it's even harder because of the distance, the possible language barrier and different time zones. 

But organizing an event in Israel is especially tricky.

You may not be used to the Israeli business and cultural landscape. Israelis often have a different concept of time and punctuality. Their communication style tends to be very direct, which you might find assertive or impolite. Attention to detail is not always a strong point. All these factors might lead to stress, logistic nightmares and disappointment. 

Getting it just right can be downright overwhelming! 

Israel Event Planning
Combining the Spirit of Israel with European Detail and Style

Rikki and Melissa Go-TelAviv house Event Planners of Lagence Tailormade Magic in Israel

That's where our house Event Planners, Melissa and Rikki of Tailor Made Magic in Israel come in.

They bring the best of both worlds to your event.

On the one hand, you will love their passion as they share ‎with you the wonderful spirit of Israel.‎ They moved to Israel and have been organizing events here for years, so they know the best local providers and all the ins and outs of doing planning and running dazzling events. 

On the other hand, they bring the highest level of professionalism, their European sense of style and attention to every detail. 

And of course, they are fully fluent in English and French.

Inquire on How We Can Help You
Organize a Special Event in Israel

Israel Event Planning
Customer Testimonials

Read some of their customer testimonials:

Carole Weinstein, England:

'Besides getting married, one of the best decisions we ever made was to hire Melissa and Rikki for our 4 days wedding celebration.

Planning a wedding remotely is a daunting task and we would never have been able to do it without the help, patience and skills of Melissa, Rikki and their team. They really went above and beyond and we are so grateful!

Thanks again for making the most important day of our lives so memorable!" 

Delphine Tordjman, Paris:

'We could never have organized such a marvelous party without the precious help of Rikki and Melissa.

Celebrating the bar mitzvah of our son in Jerusalem has always been one of our dreams, but organizing it from France seemed to us too scary... But their patience, their kindness, their attention to detail as well as their professionalism overcame our fears.

The place was breathtaking, all the services provided were of the highest quality  and the entire evening was perfectly orchestrated. Thank you and we look forward to planning together Ben's wedding in Israel! " (translated from French)

Israel Event Planning
Creating Magical Moments 

Rikki and Melissa will orchestrate a production in Israel that is tastefully executed with the right amount of elegance, fun, creativity and emotion. 

  • They love translating your most imaginative ideas to reality.
Unique events and decorations at go-telaviv israel event planning

  • Traditional venues and “off the beaten path” locations
Israel wedding in the desert. Event planning in off the beaten path locations

  • The best caterers and chefs in Israel
Celebrations in Israel with the best chefs and catering

  • Lots of optional activities before and after the main event. Such as tours in Israel for your guests -
tour of Jerusalem for the wedding party before the event in Israel

and outdoor activities like rafting, hiking, yachting, diving and even camel treks...

planning fun activities in Israel such as camel trekking

Rikki and Melissa offer a “one stop shop” to create lots of unforgettable moments that will captivate your guests and leave them with lasting memories.

They provide handpicked locations, happenings, entertainers, video and still photographers, customized stationary and welcome gifts. All tailormade to suit your taste and budget.

Israel Event Planning
So How Do We Work

Step 1 - Get to Know You

Rikki and Melissa will go to great lengths to hear and understand your desires, immersing themselves in your aesthetic, personality  and wishes. Getting to know you and your dreams is key to a successful collaboration.  

Step 2 - Execute.

Sit back and relax while Rikki, Melissa and their staff work around the clock and organize everything behind the scenes. And we mean everything!

They don't just plan the event, they can organize everything from A to Z as needed:

  • Flight and hotel bookings
  • Transportation within Israel
  • Accomodation for you and your guests
  • Dining and nightlife 
  • Private tours for you and your guests 
  • Any other activities you are interested in

They will keep you as informed as you wish to be along the way.

Step 3 - Party!

The special moment has arrived. It's time for you to enjoy the event as you imagined it and better!

Contact Rikki and Melissa using the Israel Event Planning Form HERE.

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