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Best Luxury Hotels in Jerusalem

Find out about the top seven luxury hotels in Jerusalem. You can choose the best accomodation to suit your needs, comparing location, faciities and services.

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English Newspapers From Israel

Here's a list of online newspapers from Israel in English that cover Israeli current affairs. Catching up on news from an Israeli perspective can be interesting, whether you are home or here in Israel.

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Visit Abu Ghosh in the Hills Near Jerusalem

Take a few hours to discover Abu Ghosh village nestled in the hills near Jerusalem. You'll find Crusader churches, a fabulous new mosque, picturesque views and great local hummus and Middle Eastern cuisine.

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Getting Around in Tel Aviv

This page reviews all the different ways for getting around in Tel Aviv. Whether you want to walk it, bike around, take a bus or a train, use taxi or sherut shared taxi service, rent a car or get help via useful apps, we got you covered.

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No Israel Book List is Complete Without an Amos Oz Novel

Judas, the last novel written by the late Amos Oz, Israel's most translated novelist worldwide

Amos Oz passed away recently in December 2018. No anthology of books from Israel is complete without an Amos Oz novel. In our book list, we recommend the last novel he published, Judas. It is...

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Israel Dining with Locals

Betzavta offers a truly unique Israel dining experience. Local Israelis invite you for a home-cooked dinner in their home to share food, conversation and make new friends.

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Discover Allenby Street Tel Aviv

Explore Allenby Street Tel Aviv, one of the oldest and most interesting streets in ‎the city. In this beautifully ugly street, you'll find bargain shops, elegant historic ‎buildings covered with graffiti, restaurants and lots of bars and clubs, some hip ‎and some sleazy.‎

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TelAviv's Beautiful Bauhaus Architecture – Come and Take a Look

Enjoy Bauhaus Architecture in Tel Aviv - it's the World's Largest Collection! You can see the white, bright and simple Bauhaus buildings all over the city.

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