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Heading South - Israeli Desert Tours

Explore the amazing Israeli desert on one of our private tours. The Judean and Negev deserts are full of magnificent landscapes and historical and archaeological remains of the ancient peoples of this land.

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Explore North Israel on a Customized, Private Tour

Head to north Israel with our private guide, and discover this wonderful region of great natural beauty, picturesque cities, and places of ancient and Biblical history.

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Tel Aviv Best Restaurants List

Here is our handpicked list of Tel Aviv's best restaurants. Some are gourmet restaurants, others are simple blue-collar joints that serve delicious ethnic food.

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The Wonders of Caesarea National Park

Explore the glorious excavations at Caesarea National Park. Caesarea Israel is both a modern town and an ancient port city with remains spanning from the days of King Herod and the Romans until the Crusader period.

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Recommended Cheap Hotels in Tel Aviv

Yes, there are decent cheap hotels in Tel Aviv! Read more about our top, recommended discount hotels and hostels where you can spend between $20 - $140 a night.

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Free Movie Screenings in Jaffa Every Wednesday

Free Open-Air Movie screenings in Jaffa every Wed.

Every Wednesday evening at 8:30 PM this summer, you can relax and enjoy a free open air movie screening.

Watch your favorite movies in the evening sea breeze atop Gan Pisga or Garden Peak in old Jaffa. The movies alternate between Wonder Woman, The Green Mile, Batman, Zoolander and more.

For more details, visit: Jaffa Free Open-Air Movies

The Gordon Inn Tel Aviv Hotel

The Gordon Inn Tel Aviv is a great and affordable accomodations option, if you are looking for basic, decent lodging near the beach strip. Its somewhere in between an upscale hostel and a budget hotel.

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When Is The Best Time To Visit Israel

When is the best time to visit Israel? The answer really depends on what you want to see and do in Israel. Here are the pros/cons on visiting Israel during six different seasons of the year.

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