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Another Amazing Review of our Holy Land Private Tours

Tourists like Alex and his parents from Brisbane, Australia, here on top of Mount Precipice in Nazareth this month, rave about our private tours.... "Our Private Holy Land Tour of Israel with guide Levi Zelkind was in one word, ‎extraordinary..."

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Best Bethlehem Tour Options

Bethlehem where Jesus was born is a must-see for ‎most Christian tourists. Choose from our Bethlehem tour offerings, with both private and group tours.‎

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Visiting Bethlehem in the West Bank

As the birthplace of Jesus, the city of Bethlehem is a must-see for Christians and interesting for everyone. Find out how to to get there and what to see.

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Go Tel Aviv, Our Best Tips on What to Do Around the Clock in Israel

Two fast friends from NY and Paris share why we fell in love with Tel Aviv and all of Israel. What to see, tours, beaches, streets, restaurants, and nightlife!

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Ancient History of Jericho Palestine

The road from Jerusalem to Jericho Palestine was a major highway since Biblical days. Read about what to see in Jericho and along the way.

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Best Jerusalem Boutique Hotels

Do you prefer cozy, stylish lodging in Jerusalem rather than the big hotels? Read about the top six Jerusalem boutique hotels with photos and a map.

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Best Tel Aviv Airport Hotels

Should you stay at one of the Jerusalem or Tel Aviv airport hotels? Read more about when to consider lodging near Ben Gurion Airport and the best options.

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Which Monastery in Jerusalem to Visit

Jerusalem and the surrounding hills are home to inspiring Christian monasteries with ancient history and art. Read more in our - Monastery Jerusalem Guide.

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