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Celebrating a Bat / Bar Mitzvah Israel

A Bat or Bar Mitzvah Israel celebration can be both meaningful and fun, not just for the girl or boy, but for the entire ‎family. It's an exciting journey that ‎strengthens your family's connection to its roots, ‎religion and ancient homeland.

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Banks in Israel

Read about the banks in Israel and everything visitors need to know about banking in Israel.

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Get to Know Tel Aviv-Yafo's Unique Neighborhoods

Strolling down Tel Aviv-Yafo streets is the only way to get to know Tel Aviv’s vastly different neighborhoods. Here are five of my favorite areas that I love revisiting.

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The Remarkable Dead Sea History, Facts and More

Find out about the incredible Dead Sea history and fascinating facts about the Sea itself, its amazing minerals and mud, and the nations and peoples who have mined it over the years, just as we do today.

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Tailormade Israel Event Planning

Have you dreamed of celebrating an event in Israel, be it a wedding, bat /bar mitzvah, or any special moment? Let us help with your Israel event planning. We convert your vision into reality, handpicking venues and services, customized to your taste and budget.

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Explore Israel North of Tel Aviv

Israel north of Tel Aviv is home to some of Israel's most fascinating spots. Explore the port citiesalong the coast, the natural beauty of the far north, lovely cities and incredible archaeological sites.

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Heading South - Israeli Desert Tours

Explore the amazing Israeli desert on one of our private tours. The Judean and Negev deserts are full of magnificent landscapes and historical and archaeological remains of the ancient peoples of this land.

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Explore North Israel on a Customized, Private Tour

Head to north Israel with our private guide, and discover this wonderful region of great natural beauty, picturesque cities, and places of ancient and Biblical history.

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