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The Wonders of Israel Nature

People know about Israel's historical and religious wonders, but are not always aware of the amazing beauty of Israel nature. From sun-drenched beaches, to green mountains. From spectacular desert scenery to lush wine regions, and more.

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Tel Lachish National Park

Just an hour's drive south of Tel Aviv, discover the amazing history and archaeology at Tel Lachish National Park. Lachish was the 2nd most important city in Judea after Jerusalem. There are fascinating remains from the Canaanite, Egyptian, Judean and Roman periods.

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Jerusalem Islam Sacred Sites

What is the meaning of Jerusalem to Islam? Jerusalem is home to many Muslim holy and historical sites. But it is most important in connection with Muhammad's Night Journey from Mecca to Jerusalem, and his ascension to heaven from the Foundation Stone.

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Tel Aviv Bike Share is Easy and Fun

Tel Aviv’s Bike Share Program is convenient, cheap and fun. Biking around town is a great way to discover the ins and outs of this city..

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What To See in Jerusalem

Wondering what to see in Jerusalem?There is no place in the world quite like Jerusalem with its spectacular jumble of religions, history and wonders. Discover the top ten places of what to see in the Holy City.

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The Judean Desert Israel - Barren Beauty and Ancient Place of Refuge

The desolate beauty of the Judean Desert Israel is breathtaking. The desert is home to some of Israel's must-see attractions: Masada, the Dead Sea, Qumran Caves, ancient monasteries, the Ein Gedi oasis, remains of an ancient Biblical city at Tel Arad, and more.

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Top Israel Wine Regions

Explore the top, six Israel wine regions. Little Israel has over 200 wineries in the mountains, in the plains and even in the arid desert.

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Stark Beauty of the Israel Desert - HaNegev

Visit the Israel desert - and enjoy the stark, majestic scenery and fascinating historical ‎remains of the Negev.

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