Tel Aviv Restaurants

Dining out in Tel Aviv restaurants is one of my favorite things to do. 

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The freshness and diversity of the food here is outstanding.

Much of the cooking is based on the amazing produce grown in Israel. Consider booking a private wine-tasting tour in one of Israel's six wine regions, which you can combine with local chocolatiers, cheese-makers, local honey producers, and more.

The Best Restaurants in Tel Aviv

Israeli chefs have made a name for themselves worldwide for their skillful and innovative cooking... 

Perhaps there is so much good food here because we are a melting pot of immigrants. Whatever the reason, Telavivians love eating out and you are going to love it too. 

Israeli Fast Food 

The three quintessential fast foods in Israel are hummus, falafel and burekas.

Having eaten hummus in hundreds of different restaurants, read about our five favorite hummus joints in Tel Aviv.

israel restaurants serve hummus with pine nuts tznobar - classic dish

Falafel is the ultimate Israeli fast food.  Thee are so many falafel joints in Tel Aviv, but where can you find the the tastiest falafel balls? Visit Best Falafel.

mmm... Crispy burekas stuffed with cheese and spinach, olives, eggplants, spinach, or even meat. Learn where to find the tastiest burekas in Tel Aviv.

best falafel restaurants in Tel Aviv

Where to Find Great Food in Tel Aviv

Great food stalls, indoor and outdoor dining at Sarona Tel Aviv.

Read about some of the the best restaurants at the lively Tel Aviv Port and the Namal market. 

Hatachana, the renovated Old Train Station is well worth a visit and has some excellent restaurants.

hatachana old train station of Tel Aviv

With so many Israelis travelling to South American, its cuisine is especially popular in Israel. Here are some South American eateries in Tel Aviv.

South American cuisine in Israel

Where to Go Drinking in Tel Aviv

There are hundreds of pubs and bars in the city that never sleeps. Telavivians love to party. Read about our favorite bars in Tel Aviv.

When Are Meal Times at Tel Aviv Restaurants?

Like our southern Mediterranean neighbors, mealtimes in Israel and especially in Tel Aviv start a little later.

You can eat lunch as early as 12 PM, although 1, 2 and even 2:30 PM is more common. The same goes for dinner time. You can eat dinner at 7 PM, which probably makes sense if you're going out with young children, but evening meals in Tel Aviv restaurants usually start at 8, 9 and even  10 PM.

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Tel Aviv Restaurants

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