Day Tours in Israel
Best Destinations for Short Sightseeing Trips

Although I've lived here for years, I still enjoy taking day tours in Israel.

If you love to explore the country (as I do!), then taking a tour is a perfect way to get to know Israel up close, like a local. Some of my personal favorites are -

  • Jerusalem tours, especially the underground tunnel tour!
  • Masada and other desert tours and jeep trips
  • northern tours exploring the nature and historical cities in the Galilee

Below you will find recommendations for the best single-day organized tours in Israel. Almost all the tours allow pickup from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem.

If you prefer to take your own private Israel tour guide, read about Private Day Tours in Israel.  

Jerusalem Day Tours in Israel

the old city of Jerusalem at night

If you only have one day to take a tour, then Jerusalem is the ulitmate must-see destination. The variety of Jerusalem tours allows you to continue to learn about the city, whether you are a newcomer or a return visitor.

You can choose between:

  • General, Jewish or Christian-oriented tours
  • An underground, tunnel tour of Jerusalem
  • Jerusalem city only, or a tour combined with Bethlehem or the Dead Sea

Learn more on Jerusalem Tour options and prices

Fun and Unusual Tel Aviv Day Tours 

Even though it is easy to to walk around Tel Aviv on your own, there are some fun half-day and full-day Tel Aviv tours, that allow you to explore different aspects of the city that never sleeps.

I especially enjoyed the guided bike tour in Tel Aviv, and the food-culture night tour of ultra-orthodox Bnei-Brak!

Learn more on Tel Aviv Tours

 Into the Desert - One Day Tours in Israel 

Israel's desert scenery always takes my breath away.... It is simply spectacular.

There are several possible day trips to the south of Israel, including to Masada desert fortress, the Dead Sea, Ein Gedi desert oasis, the ancient city of Jericho and a Desert Safari and Jeep trip.

For the 3 Masada and Dead Sea Tours below, enter coupon code MASADA1DAY-TOUR1099 when booking in order to receive Go-Tel Aviv customers 10% discount!

Learn more about Ancient Desert City of Jericho Tour

Learn more about Desert Safari Tour and Jeep Trip

One Day Trips to the North of Israel

There are so many places to explore in the greener northern half of Israel.  It's a region of historical and biblical importance, as well as great natural beauty.

The crusader castle of Akko - ancient Acre

Spending a day visiting the historic coastal cities in the north of Israel is a delight. You'll see the Roman and Crusader ruins in Caesarea and Akko (Acre), the Bahai Gardens of Haifa and the natural sea caves of Rosh Hanikra. Learn more on the Northern Israel Coastline Tour.

There are many Christian Holy Sites in the Galilee. On this one day tour you visit Nazareth - the childhood home of Jesus, the plain of Armageddon, the Mt. of Beautitudes, Capernicum and the Sea of Galilee. You can even be baptized in the Jordan River . Learn more about this One Day Christian Tour of Northern Israel.

Discover Jewish holy sites in the Galilee. This tour includes the ancient cities of Safed and Tiberias, Mount Meron, and visits to synagogues and tombs of great Rabbis. Learn more about the Historic Jewish Galilee Tour.

Explore the Golan Heights. This fascinating tour explores both ancient and new. You visit ancient Jewish settlements from the 1st to 5th century. Later you retracethe Six Day War that took place along the Syrian- Israeli border and explore the Syrian bunkers and trenches that were conquered. Learn more about the Golan Heights Tour.

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