Things To Do In Israel
Where to Go, What to See and Do

So you're planning a trip to Israel! 

Whether this is your first visit or one of many, use this list of things to do in Israel to help you plan what to see and do. Let us help you get organized and have a fantastic time in this beautiful, diverse, inspirational and sometimes exasperating country called Israel.

Essential Things to Do in Israel
If You Are Here For Just A Week

Will you be traveling to Israel for a short time, for a week or less We have created for you the minimum list covering the best of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, the north and south of Israel.

Here are the:

It is easy to discover Israel on your own. Road signs are multi-lingual, most restaurants have English menus and Israelis speak English and are friendly.


Still, don't miss these handy tips on travel to Israel.

And while you are planning your trip and to help you get in the Israel state of mind, check out some:

Do It Yourself (DIY) Travel vs Tour Guides

How to you prefer to discover Israel?

Some people will always prefer DIY travel. Others want a guide to show them the way, either on a group tour or privately. You might want to combine the best of both worlds. To travel on your own, but add an organized tour for a day or two.

You can explore a variety of organized and private tour options here.

Use this Israel travel guide below to help you explore what to see and do in Israel on your own:

Things to do in Israel for Nature Lovers

Israel is full of natural beauty - sunny beaches, green mountains, majestic deserts, and surprising streams and wateralls.

Because people naturally focus on historical, religous and cultural sites in Israel, they sometimes overlook Israel's natural wonders.Learn more about the best of Israel nature

Here are other amazing ways to explore the natural wonders of Israel:

Go Beach Hopping. Israel is blessed with over 100 beaches along 300 kilometers of the Mediterranean Sea, as well as  3 other coastlines: the Sea of Galilee, the Dead Sea and the Red Sea in Eilat. 

Israel's Coral (Almog) Beach on the Red Sea in Eilat

Walk the Israel Trail. The epic Israel National Trail runs 1,000 kilometers. It traverses  all of Israel, from Eilat and the Red Sea in the south, up to the Upper Galilee mountains and streams of the north.

Walking along the southern part of the Israel National Trail in the Negev desert

Visit the Carmel Mountain range. Its secret ingredient is its diversity,  home to forests, Druze villages, ancient Biblical history and Israel's only artist colony.

Discover the Negev Desert. Making up more than 50% of Israel's territory the vast, rugged landscape of Hanegev is breathtaking. Makhtesh Ramon Crater, Sde Boker, Tel Sheva, Ein Avdat and more...

Negev desert landscape from Makhtesh Ramon Crater

Explore Israel's Wine Regions. There are over 300 wineries in Israel in six distinct wine regions, from the Judean Desert in the south, up to the Golan heights in northern Israel. 

the Judean Hills is a major wine region in Israel

Rosh Hanikra is just minutes from Israel's  northern border with Lebanon. Don't miss the amazing views and mesmiring sea caves and grottoes.

Explore the Judean Desert. The fascinating Judean desert is home to many of Israel's most iconic attractions: the Dead Sea, Masada, Ein Gedi, the Qumran Caves and much more.

Go hiking in Israel. The country is crisscrossed with well-marked hiking trails. Hiking is the best way to discover the beauty and diversity of Israel's nature, up close.

a view of the Sea while hiking in the Carmel Mountains in Israel.

Discover Israel n

Israel is home to wonderful cities worth visiting...

view of the Western Wall and the Al Aksa Mosque in the Old City of Jerusalem

There is no place on earth like the magical, holy Jerusalem. Read more about what to see in Jerusalem.

the Dome of the Rock and the Arches in the Temple Mount in Jerusalem

Jerusalem is the 3rd holiest city in Islam. Discover and learn about the Islamic heritage of Jerusalem.

Caesarea, Israel's ancient port city has glorious ruins from King Herod including a Roman amphitheater, Hippodrome, and more.

view of Bethlehem

Bethlehem, not far from Jerusalem is the birthplace of Jesus and one of the most Christian sites in the world.

Jericho in the Palestinian Territories is the most ancient city in the world and a fascinating place to explore.

view of Tel Aviv from the Jaffa Hill

Light years away fromholy Jerusalem is the fun, beach city of Tel Aviv. Read more about what to see in Tel Aviv.

port view of Akko or Acre in the north of Israel

Akko or 'Acre' is the Crusader capital of IsraelThis quaint port city worth  in the north of Israel is worth discovering.

beautiful Bahai gardens in Haifa in the north of israel

The Bahai Gardens in the northern city of Haifa are considered one of the most beautiful gardens in the world!

St. Gabriel's Church in Nazareth in the Galilee

Nazareth in the Galilee is a Christian heritage site and is also a vibrant city with the largest Arab population in Israel.

Abu Ghosh may be a small village, but its home to ancient churches, mosques, great views and the Vocal Music Festival of Israel.

Ein Karem, a quaint town in the Judean Hills is formally part of Jerusalem but it retains a village atmosphere. 

Historical and Archaelogical Sites in Israel

Israel is covered north to south in fascinating archaeological sites. Some are world-renown, and others are off the main tourist track:

exploring Masada in the Judean Desert in Israel

The ruins of Masada, symbol of Jewish resistance  are not to be missed.

Ancient Necropolis in Maresha Beit Guvrin National Park in Israel

Tel Maresha in Beit Guvrin Park, an ancient Biblical city with hundreds of manmade caves.

Roman arches in Ein Avdat in the Negev Desert Israel

Go south to see the ancient ruins in the Negev Desert at Tel Sheva, and Ein Avdat.

fascinating remains of the ancient city of Megiddo, also known as Armageddon

Tel Megiddo, or  Armageddon is the jewel in the crown of Biblical archaeology. 

ancient Biblical city of Tel Arad

Tel Arad in the desert is a 5,000 year old Canaanite and then Israelite city with citadel and temple remains.

The ancient Biblical city of Lachish was the 2nd greatest city in Judea.

Beit Shearim, home to ancient Jewish sarcophagi

Beit Shearim, a small national park is home to the world's oldest Jewish sarcophogi!

ancient mikveh Jewish ritual bath in Magdala near the Sea of Galilee

Visit Magdala in Migdal and find the newly uncovered Jewish / Christian town in the Galilee.

Christian Heritage of Israel

Are you mainly interested in the Christian heritage of the Holy Land?

We've gathered for you here all the essential information on where and what to see in Israel that is meaningful for Chrisitians.

the Annunciation Church in Nazareth is one of the essential Christian places to visit in the Holy Land

Learn about the ten essential Chrisitian sites in the Holy Land that any Chrisitian, regardless of denomination should see.

the Holy Sepulchre Church in the Old City of Jerusalem

The Christian heritage of Jerusalem can be found in every nook and cranny. Discover the main Christian spots.

beautiful frescoes at the Monastery of the Cross in Jerusalem

Discover six amazing monasteries of Jerusalem that are a wonder to explore.

The oldest standing one in Jerusalem is the impressive Monastery of the Cross.

the city of Bethlehem in the West Bank, just fifteen minutes from Jerusalem

Bethlehem is the city where it all began, the city where Jesus was born. Find out all about what to see in Bethlehem.

the altar of the Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth

Nazareth near the Sea of Galilee is the city where Jesus grew up and began preaching. Learn what to see in Nazareth

Explore charming Ein Karem, the village in the hills of Jerusalem where John the Baptist was born, and where Mary met Elizabeth.

grounds of the Beit Jamal Monastery in the Judean Hills

The hills of Judea are home to historic churches and monasteries. Learn more about the Christian sites in the Judean hills.

Discover the recently unearthed ancient town of Magdala, home of Mary of Magdala. 

St. George Monastery in Wadi Qelt in the Judean Desert

Over centuries,  Christian pilgrims and monks escaped to the stark desert south of Jerusaelm. Learn about the ancient monasteries of the Judean Desert.

Christmas in Haifa in the German Colony area

And if you are lucky enough to visit Israel during the holiday season, find out what to see during Christmas in Israel.

Do you want to explore the birthplace of Christianity at your own pace? The best way to do so is by taking a private Holy Land tour for you and your small group of family or friends.

Learn more about private one-day and multi-day tours of the Land of the Bible.

Things to Do in Israel 
Here for a Short Time? Take a Tour...

The easiest way to see the country if you are not a DIY person is to either 

hire a private guide

or join an organized tour.  

Private Tours

Hiring a private guide is -

  •  A great option for Israel VIP tours. It allow you to customize the tour to suit your  unique interests and schedule.
  • A very reasonably-priced choice if you are in a family or social group of four or more. You can then enjoy the perks of a private tour without paying more. 

You can select either full 1-2 week private tours, or single / multi-day tours.

Privately Guided 1 - 2 Week Israel Vacations

Hiring a guide to accompany you for an entire week or two is probably the ultimate way to discover Israel's hidden secrets and historical wonders. All your precious vacation time is well spent.

We recommend Levi's fascinating Bible Land Tours, customized to your interests and preferences.

Levi's Israel Highlights Tour. Explore Israel's gems at your pace and schedule. Can be customized for kids or special interests. One to two weeks. Learn more on Israel Highlights Private Tour

View of Jerusalem

Levi's Christian Holyland Tour. Can be customized for Catholic, Protestant and other denominations. One to two weeks. Learn more on Christian Holyland Private Tour

Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem

Jewish Heritage Tour. Discover your roots and explore the fascinating Jewish history and modern vitality of the Land of Israel. One to two weeks. Learn more on Jewish Heritage Private Tour

Ascending the Jewish fortress of Masada in Israel

One Day Private Tours in Israel

Another option is to travel on your own in Israel, and hire a guide for one or more days to explore a specific Israeli city or region in more depth.

You can choose from this great selection of short private tours in Israel:

One Day Jerusalem Tours. Discover the magic of the holiest city at your own pace. Learn more on Jerusalem Private Tours.  You may prefer your own private Jerusalem Walking Tours

View of the Old City of Jerusalem and the Golden Dome Mosque

Fun Tel Aviv Tours. By foot, car, bike or boat. A culinary tour or perhaps a Tel Aviv pub tour at night? Learn More on Tel Aviv Private Tours

View of Jaffa Port in Tel Aviv

North Israel Tours. From the Green Galilee, to the coastal cities of Caesarea, Haifa and Akko, to ancient historical and religious sites. Learn more on North Israel Private Tours

View of the Sea of Galilee and Mount Beautitudes in the north of Israel

South Israel Tours in the Desert. Discover the breathtaking landscapes and hidden secrets of the Judean and Negev deserts. Learn more on Israeli Desert Private Tours

Bethlehem Tours. Discover the city where Jesus was born, together with other sites in the area. Choose from our four different private Bethlehem tour options

Want something completely different? Try this culinary, walking night tour in Bnei Brak, exploring the fascinating culture and food of the ultra-orthodox community. Learn more on Food Tour of Bnei Brak.

There are over 300 wineries in Israel and their quality and variety is simply amazing. Learn more about Private Wine Tours.

Things to Do in Israel - Organized Tours

If you prefer joining an organized group, there are great group packages tours of Israel.  

Read more about our 4 bestseller one-day group tours in Jerusalem.

Or, you may prefer to visit most of the country in short, single-day organized tours from either Tel Aviv or Jerusalem.  Learn more about the best destinations for one day tours in Israel.

The Israel group excursions we recommend are conducted by Bein Harim, which we believe is best Israel Tour operator.  They provide great service and fascinating tours that tourists love.

The tours are conducted by expert (and friendly!) local guides and include lodging and transportation.  

If you prefer a multi-day organized tour, you can choose one that focuses on a Christian or Jewish perspective, or a general interest group tour:

Multi-Day Organized Tours: 

Holy Land Tours. These inspirational trips follow in the footsteps of Jesus across the Land of Israel. Four to ten day packages are available. Learn more on Christian Holyland Tours 

Jewish Interest Tours. Excursions that explore the beauty of Israel and its Jewish heritage. Four to eleven day packages are available. Learn more on Jewish Oriented Tours 

Gems of Israel Tours. These classic Israel group tours cover the main attractions of Israel from North to South. Four to eleven day packages are available. Learn more on Gems of Israel Tours 

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