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Melody Hotel Tel Aviv – Great Value Boutique Hotel Near the Beach

If you prefer staying at a cozy hotel with great service, the Melody Hotel Tel Aviv near the beach is the place for you. This boutique hotel offers some unique perks for hotel guests.

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Daily Group Tours in Jerusalem

Discover the wonders of the holiest city in the world on one of our 4 daily group tours in Jerusalem.

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Mount Carmel Israel

Mount Carmel Israel is a place of amazing diversity, with breathtaking landscapes, well-known Biblical history, Druze villages, and a picturesque artist's colony.

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Mount Carmel Tour (new!)

View from the Carmelite Monastery at Muchaka Mount Carmel

On this new tour of Mount Carmel Israel, discover its amazing diversity: beautiful nature combined with ancient history, Druze villages and an artist colony.

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Unforgettable Christian Tours in Israel

Explore the birthplace of Christianity on one of our private Christian tours of Israel. Follow in the footsteps of Jesus on our one day or multi-day excursions.

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Visiting Masada National Park - Heroic Symbol of Israel

Where in Israel can you find remarkable history and legendary ruins amid spectacular desert scenery? Only in Masada National Park, just an hour's drive from Jerusalem.

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More Christian Sites in Israel - In The Judean Hills

If you have a day to spare, head to the scenic Judean hills near Jerusalem. They are home to five beautiful Christian sites in Israel worth visiting.

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Wine Tours Israel

Joining our private wine tours in Israel means spending a day wine-tasting at boutique wineries and discovering the views and history of one of Israel’s wine regions.

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