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Tel Aviv Israel is chock full of fun things to do and see…

The best way to get a feel for the city is by walking it. Aim for a neighborhood, walk around, stop at a local cafe or eatery to enjoy the people and the atmosphere, and then walk some more!

This page will give you ideas on where you can go and what you can see in lively and relaxed Tel Aviv.  Hit on a link below or scroll through the page.

Hit the Beaches

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Tel Aviv Beaches - Explore all 16 of them!

Soak up some sun on one of the stunning beaches.

telaviv beach lovely hatzuk north beach mandarin beach

Tel Aviv Beaches - North

TelAviv Southern Beaches

Tel Aviv Beaches - South

Each beach has a slightly different character.

Some beaches are geared more for singles or for families with young children. Some beaches are quieter and more tranquil and others are packed full of tourists. There are the surfers beaches. There are beaches with volleyball courts, playgrounds and outdoor gyms. There is even a dogs beach, a gay beach and during the summer, a unisex beach for religious people!

What to See in Tel Aviv Israel

the port at old Jaffa Israel in Tel Aviv

Stroll the winding alleyways, historic buildings, the port and art galleries in lovely, old Jaffa Israel.  Enjoy some of the great seafood restaurants and authentic Arab cuisine in Jaffa.

unique Tel Aviv-Yafo streets and neighborhoods

Discover Tel Aviv-Yafo's distinct streets and neighborhoods - Neve Tzedek, Bauhaus architecture around Rothschild Boulevard, cool Florentine, and more. Walk and taste your way around the colorful outdoor markets.

TelAviv Hatachana the old Train Station complex

Visit the Old Train Station - HaTachana a newly designed complex that combines history, art exhibits, boutiques, good food, street performances and lots of kids activities during holidays and the long Israeli summer.

great israel art scene and galleries in tel aviv

The Tel Aviv and Israel art scene is vibrant. There are art galleries to explore all over the city in the different neighborhoods.  Find some of our favorites listed here.

Tel Aviv Activities - What to Do

tel aviv nightlife at clubs and bars

Don't miss Tel Aviv's roaring nightlife!  Discover the best clubs and parties in the city that never sleeps.  Tel Aviv hosts the best international DJ's and has a great homegrown crop of DJ's playing house and trance music.

shopping in tel aviv israel.  markets, fashion and more.

Shop till you drop! Shopping in Tel Aviv Israel is eclectic. You can shop for bargains in the outdoor Carmel and Flea Markets, or discover Israel's young designers at Sheinken and Dizengoff Streets.  Looking for high fashion?

kikar hamedina in tel aviv for  high fashion and designer shops

Kikar Hamedina in the north of Tel Aviv is the center in Israel for posh and designer shopping.  This is the place to go for international brand names in fashion, home couture and jewelery. From Dior, Prada and  Moschino to Stella Mcartney and Tom Ford.  

tel aviv and  israel entertainment options.  music, dance, arts, and more.

As the unofficial cultural capital of Israel, Tel Aviv offers non stop entertainment options. Find out about Tel Aviv Israel music, dance, art, sports, fashion and other events.

biking in Tel Aviv

Instead of walking, why not bike Tel Aviv?  It's loads of fun and good for the environment too.  Find out about Tel Aviv Cycling.  Or you can rent a cheap bike from the city's popular Bike Share program.

Family Things To Do with Kids

the israel zoo and safari is a great place for family things to do with kids

Families will love the Israel Zoo and Safari.  

It's just a 15 minute drive from Tel Aviv with a drive-in Safari, a special Lion Safari, a Zoo and amazing insider guided tours for kids.  

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