Midrange Hotels of Jerusalem
Our seven hand-picked, recommended hotels 

It's not easy to find midrange hotels of Jerusalem that are comfortable, convenient and not outrageously priced.

Jerusalem is an expensive city by any international standard. So what is the price of mid-range hotels in Jerusalem? They range from about $130 to $230 per night for a couple, and even more during peak holiday season. We've reviewed dozens of options and selected the seven best Jerusalem mid-range hotels.

You can find the location of the seven handpicked hotels in the following Map of Midrange Hotels of Jerusalem:

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7 Best Midrange Hotels of Jerusalem

Select the midrange hotel that suits you best from the list below based on location, facilities, price and latest reviews:

Midrange Hotels of Jerusalem 
Mount Zion Hotel 

Location: 17 Hebron Road within walking distance from the Old City

Near the First Station attraction, the Mount Zion Hotel has spectacular views of the Old City of Jerusalem from the lobby and from many of the rooms.

amazing Jerusalem Old City Views from the Mount Zion Hotel lobby

The beautiful historic ‎hotel building is decorated in an Oriental style and full of charm and atmosphere.

Built on a hillside facing the Valley of Hinnom, the hotel lobby is on the top floor and the rooms are in lower floors.

Mount Zion Hotel building from outside

The dining room is airy and pleasant. There is a generous selection at the breakfast buffet and the food is above average for hotel fare.

The renovated guest rooms are nicely renovated and comfortable. 

guest room at the Mount Zion midrange hotel in Jerusalem

The unrenovated rooms are kept clean but are a bit old. If its within your budget, ask for the upgraded rooms with large balconies and breathtaking views. 

The hotel has a large outdoor pool which is perfect during the hot Jerusalem summers.

Mount Zion Hotel has an outdoor pool and great views of Jerusalem

There is also a spa and a small gym.

Mount Zion Hotel - Find best rates, latest reviews and check availability

Midrange Hotels of Jerusalem 
YMCA Three Arches Hotel 

landmark building of the YMCA 3 Arches Hotel in Jerusalem

Location: 26 King David St. a 10 minute walk from the Old City

Are you wondering what a YMCA is doing here on a page covering midrange hotels of Jerusalem? Well the YMCA Three Arches is nothing like YMCAs in the US! This historic hotel was built by the same architect who designed the Empire State Building. The building was even dedicated by the British General Allenby back in 1933.

The location of the YMCA 3 Arches is perfect, just across the street from the grand King David Hotel and a 10 minute walk to the Old City.

The lobby is beautiful with painted vaulted ceilings, white stone pillars and lovely light fixtures.

majestic lobby of the YMCA 3 Arches midrange hotel in Jerusalem

You will enjoy exploring the hotel's wonderful nooks and crannies.

There are scultpures, inscriptions, the gardens, the grand auditorium, the  art exhibits and last but not least, the landmark observation bell tower with amazing views of Jerusalem and the hotel gardens.

view from the Bell Tower Observation Dech at the YMCA 3 Arches hotel in Jerusalem

Don't be put off by the grand surroundings - there is a friendly, peaceful atmosphere here.

The hotel serves a hotel buffet breakast which you can enjoy in the dining room or if weather permits, in the outdoor patio. The hotel restaurant also serves lunch and dinner.

One of the best perks at the YMCA is the free parking, a rare advantage if you are driving around.

The standard rooms are clean, small and basic. 

standard room at the YMCA 3 Arches hotel

Inquire about the availability of the second floor 'deluxe' rooms which have all been recently renovated and are very, very good.

Last but not least, the YMCA Sports Center is free of charge for guests.

25meter indoor pool at the YMCA Three Arches hotel in Jerusalem

There is a 25 meter heated, indoor pool, a modern fitness center and even a squash court.

YMCA Three Arches Hotel - Find best rates, latest reviews and check availability

Midrange Hotels of Jerusalem 
Sephardic House Hotel 

Location: 1 Batei Mahase St. in the Old City Jewish Quarter

entrance to the Sephardic House - a midrange hotel in the Old City of Jerusalem

The Sephardic House Hotel is the best midrange hotel if you want the unique experience of staying within the walls of the the Old City of Jerusalem close to Zion Gate in the Jewish Quarter.

The hotel can look to some like a fortress with narrow windows and security guards. Don't be put off by the exterior because its lovely inside. 

lobby at the Sephardic House hotel in the Old City Jerusalem

The original building was built around 200 years ago in the Spanish style and served as a Jewish 'Sephardic' school and residence for widows and orphans.

During the 1948 War of Independence, the building was looted and abandoned. Designated as a building for preservation, it has been beautifully renovated and is today one of the few decent hotels within the Old City.

inner courtyard of the Sephardic House hotel in the Jewish quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem

The Sephardic House Hotel serves a great Israeli-style breakfast buffet with a lot of variety and excellent fresh coffee (except on Saturdays and holidays). 

You can also order lunch or dinner, although there is no room service. 

The hotel has standard and deluxe rooms. 

standard room at the Sephardic House Hotel in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem

The rooms (especially the standard rooms) are on the small side, but they are clean, comfortable and well-kept. The deluxe rooms are more spacious.

The service is helpful and friendly.

Sephardic House Hotel - Find best rates, latest reviews and check availability

Midrange Hotels of Jerusalem 
Windows of Jerusalem Hotel

Location: 40 Agripas Street near Mahane Yehuda Market

Windows of Jerusalem Hotel near Shuk Mahane Yehuda

The Windows of Jerusalem Hotel is in one of the hippest locations in the city.

Located just a few minute walk from Shuk Mahane Yehuda and a block from Jaffa street, the area is full of energy. As you stroll you'll find great shops, bars, restaurants, aroma and architecture.

For the price of a 4 star hotel you can enjoy a lovely, modern vacation apartment in the city center. 

spacious living room, dining and kitchen at the Windows of Jerusalem apartment hotel

All the apartments have a fully equipped kitchen, a washer, dryer and detergent and even a coffee machine.

You can find one, two, three and four bedroom apartments. 

bedroom with a great view at the Windows of Jerusalem Hotel

The apartments are in excellent condition and very clean.

Most have at least one outdoor patio with table and chairs and lots of closet space.

All are tastefully decorated with amazing views of Jerusalem.

Windows of Jerusalem Hotel living room with great views of the city

The service is excellent. You will be greeted warmly and personally by a host / hostess when you arrive, shown your room, and given an explanation of all your apartment room facilitie amenities.

For those interested, you can request a kosher kitchen.

There is a supermarket down the street, so its easy to stock up on food. Its open 24/6. There are lots of restaurants in the area and of course, the sights and tasts of the incredible Mahane Yehuda Market area.

Windows of Jerusalem Hotel is a fabulous option for lodging in Jerusalem and is especially good value if you will be staying for more than a couple of days.

Windows of Jerusalem Hotel - Find best rates, latest reviews and check availability

Midrange Hotels of Jerusalem 
Dan Panorama Hotel

Location: 39 Keren HaYesod St.

the Dan Panorama Hotel in Jerusalem

The Jerusalem Dan Panorama Hotel is part of the Dan Hotel Group's 4-star, pleasant hotels called Dan Panorama.

The location is great, within walking distance to the Old City and easy to get to the city center.

Most customers rave about the attentive, friendly customer service throughout the hotel, the lobby and the concierge, and this is despite the fact that the hotel is frequented by large tour groups.

Probably the most fun part of the hotel is the beautiful rooftop pool.

rooftop pool at the Dan Panorama - a good value hotel in Jerusalem

After a long day of sightseeing, taking a dip in the swimming pool is great!

Note that the pool is open for about half a year from mid-April to mid-October.

The guest rooms are clean and comfortable  although nothing remarkable and as with most good-value hotels in Jerusalem, they are somewhat small. Some of the rooms have great views of the city.

standard room at the Dan Panorama Hotel in Jerusalem

Ask for a room with renovated bathrooms which is quite nice.

If you are sensitive to noise, the hotel faces a busy street so ask for a quieter room or a higher floor.

The hotel serves a generous breakfast buffet with espresso and good coffee (except on Saturday), made to order omelettes and fresh pancakes, alongside breads, pastries, cheeses and salads. Because there are so many tour groups, be patient because the dining room gets quite full.

Dan Panorama Hotel - Find the best rates, latest reviews and check availability

Midrange Hotels of Jerusalem 
Eldan Hotel

24 King David Street near the Old City

Eldan Hotel is a good value hotel on the beautiful King David Street in Jerusalem

The location of the Eldan Hotel is perfect. Its just near the historic King David Hotel and within easy walking distance walk from the Old City's Jaffa Gate.

Unlike the other hotels on Kind David Street, you can enjoy this great location at a reasonable price, relative to Jerusalem of course!

The rooms are a bit on the small side, but quite clean and the beds are comfortable.

standard room at the Eldan Hotel in Jerusalem

Ask for a room with a view. If traffic noise disturbs your sleep, you can request a room at the back or side that doesn't face the main street.

The lobby is very pleasant and if the weather is nice, you can sit outside in the outdoor terrace on King David Street.

pleasant lobby at the Eldan hotel in Jerusalem

The Eldan serve a good breakfast with a large selection of fresh and cooked foods, and the dining area is decorated with flowers. 

Best of all, there is a complimentary afternoon tea every day where with pastries, fresh and dried fruit and coffee and tea. Pefect after a full day's sightseeing! 

The Eldan Hotel staff are friendly and helpful. All in all, it's great value for your money.

Eldan Hotel - Find the best rates, latest reviews and check availability.

Midrange Hotels of Jerusalem 
Prima Royale Hotel

3 Mendele Mokcher Sfarim Street 

lobby at the pleasant Prima Royale midrange hotel in Jerusalem

The Prima Royale Hotel is a five minute walk from the lovely, quaint neighborhood of Yemin Moshe and the Montefiore Windmill, and a fifteen minute walk to the Old City.

Its a pleasant, good value hotel in a great location.

As in most midrange hotels of Jerusalem, the rooms are small and somewhat outdated, but well-equipped, clean and comfortable.

standard room at the Prima Royale Hotel in Jerusalem

Many of the rooms have a nice view.

Guests especially enjoy the live pianist that accompanies breakfast with classical, jazz, Broadway classics and more. The breakfast and other meals are generous with a wide selection of choices.

One of the nice hotel perks is the rooftop lounge.

rooftop lounge at the Prima Royale Hotel in Jerusalem

Its nice to have a drink on the terrace after a long day of sightseeing.

Prima Royale Hotel - Find the best rates, latest reviews and check availability. 

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