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What you need know about travel electric adaptors for Israel

Want to find out about Israel electric plug requirements so you can use your electric devices here? Then read on...

I'm embarrassed to admit how many times I've forgotten to bring the right electric adaptor for my vital appliances - my laptop, my mobile phone and my hair styler. I would have to go and buy a converter or adaptor at the airport, or at an expensive tourist trap.

You can save time and money on your trip if you prepare in advance for your electric needs while you're still at home.

The electrical adaptor offered here is a universal one and is good in more than 200 countries worldwide. Its been recommended as the best by the New York Times, by WIRED magazine and more (dated 2022). 

It also has 4 USB plugs which these days is very convenient.

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Four Tips on Buying the Best Travel Adaptor
for the Israel Electric Plug

If you are travelling to Israel and especially if you are a frequent business traveller, then I recommend:

  • Buy a universal adaptor - its a much better investment for your money and you can use it virtually everywhere.
  • Buy a travel adaptor that is 'grounded' - meaning that it can support two as well as three pins, especially if you are traveling with a laptop. I've thrown good money on adaptors that don't support three prongs and then was not able to connect it to my laptop and other electric devices. And the Israel electric plug and socket often have three pins / holes.
  • Buy quality. I've bought too many cheap adaptors with moving pins that break or multiple small parts that get lost.  'Pennywise, pound foolish' is very true when it comes to electric adaptors and converters. 

  • USB Support. Last but not least, if you are aleady purchasing a universal adaptor, buy one that has a few USB sockets too. That is a really useful addition to have for recharging phones and other devices.

Two more Adaptor Options 

If you are traveling only to Israel, and you have no need for a universal adaptor, you can purchase a cheaper adaptor for Israel only that will do the trick just as well!

recommended specialized adaptor for Israel

We recommend the Ceptics adaptor for Israel. It supports  your electrical devices from any country (with the notable exception of  South Africa). 

You can hook up three of your devices, 2 grounded and 1 ungrounded. It doesn't include USB ports.

This is the most economical option. 

Israel Voltage and Frequency Requirements

Israel's domestic electricity system is setup to support 230 Voltage following with 50 Hertz Frequency - as in most of the countries in Europe.

That means if you are coming from the United States or from any country that supports 110 volts, make sure that your adaptor includes a converter to 220/230 volts. Most modern devices such as mobile phones and laptops have a built-in converter. 

Travel Adaptors Suitable for the Israel Electric Plug 

Did you know there are 15 different types of electrical outlet plugs in the world today?  So it can get confusing...

The traditional power socket in Israel uses plug type H. Plug type H is unique to Israel and the West Bank.

As you can see in the picture, the H plug is grounded and has three round pins. The H socket has three roundish pin holes to accept the H plug.

The good news is that universal adaptors can deal with this easily.

The even better news is that the newer versions of the 'H' socket for the Israel electric plug from the past decade or so can also support the standard double-pin, European C type plugs. But not always because older sockets or some odd ones still don't.

Most of the newer hotels or the newly renovated ones support the, European C type sockets that are common in most of Europe, South America and parts of Asia. 

The socket in the bathroom for shavers will most likely not be grounded so there shouldn't be a problem with your 2 pin, C plug.  And even if there is a 3 pin, grounded C socket in the room, it should be able to accept your 2 pin C plug.

So if you are travelling from Western Europe, you may not need a travel adaptor. You should be able to operate you  laptops, traveling irons, blow-dryers, mobile devices and your other smaller appliances.

But if you prefer to play it save. bring along a grounded universal adaptor.

And visitors from the United States and the United Kingdom will need adaptors that support C and/or H sockets and plugs such as this Universal Adaptor for Israel.

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