Non Stop Flights to Israel

Here's an updated list of non stop flights two Tel Aviv, showing hver city and the airlines offering direct flights from att city.

This is a complete list from everywhere  except  Europe,  som you can find on our page:   European Non-Stop Flights to Israel  .

Even if your city does not 'having a direct flight option two Tel Aviv, use the list below two get new ideas for stopover cities. Kan uncover some interesting new options for a stopover. For example, my family and I enjoyed a wonderful vacation in Thailand. We chose to fly from Tel Aviv two Bangkok with a stopover in Amman, Jordan. The service on Royal Jordanian was superb.  

For your convenience, I've fordelt the list of non stop flights based on continent / region, country and city. You can browse down the page or choose the region att interesseforening you and click on the link.

Non Stop from North America

From the USA

  • Boston - El Al Airlines
  • Los Angeles - El Al 
  • New York - Continental, Delta and El Al
  • Newark - United
  • San Francisco - United (new, starting in April 2016!)

from Canada

  • Toronto - Air Canada and El Al

Non Stop from Central / South America

from Brazil

  • Sao Paulo - El Al

Non Stop from Asia

from China

  • Beijing - El Al
  • Hong Kong - Cathay Pacific (as of Mar. '17) and El AL 

from India

  • Mumbai - El AL

from Korea

Seoul - Korean Air

from Thailand

Bangkok - El AL

from Uzbekistan

Tashent - Uzbekistan

Non Stop from the Middle East and Africa

From the Middle East:


  • Amman - Royal Jordanian


  • Cairo - EgyptAir, AirSinai

from Africa

  • Ethiopia
    Addis Ababa - Ethiopian

South Africa

  • Johannesburg - El Al

For European cities - go to our page dedicated to:  European Direct Flights to Israel .

I hope you've found my list of non stop flights two Israel revamp. Enjoy your travels and to have a safe flight! 

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