Israel - Hotels in Jerusalem
Use our list of recommended Jerusalem hotels to find the accomodation that's best for you

Jerusalem is home to a dizzying array of hotels in different neighborhoods.

Use this Israel - Jerusalem Hotel Guide in which we've chosen the best lodging options in each hotel category. So you can compare between location, price and facilities to find the hotel that's best for you! You will find plenty of choices spread out among Jerusalem's diverse neighborhoods, some of which are walking distance from Jerusalem's top attractions.

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Tips for Choosing the Best
Israel - Hotels Jerusalem 

Besides price and facilities, here are five points to consider when selecting your accomodation in Jerusalem.

If you prefer, skip directly to our Map of Jerusalem hotels or jump to the Best Jerusalem Hotels Guide below.

1) Is breakfast included? 

Most Israeli hotels serve delicious breakfast buffets with a variety of breads and pastries, salads, fruit, cheeses and yoghurts, egg dishes, smoked fish, freshly squeezed juice and fresh coffee from a quality espresso / cappuccino machine.

Jerusalem is an expensive city and dining out will cost more than you might expect. You can save a lot of money if breakfast is included in your daily room rate. 

So before you book, find out if and what type of breakfast is included.

2) Is there Air Conditioning? 

Jerusalem summers are milder than most of Israel, but it can still get quite hot in the summer. And because of its altitude, Jerusalem winters are cold. So air-conditioning for both heating and cooling is important during the summer and winter.

Some Jerusalem budget and even midrange lodging might not have adequate cooling or heating, so do check before you book your room.

most israel hotels today have free wifi access, but check before you book

3. Is there WiFi Access?

Although more and more hotels in Israel provide free WiFi, not all do. And some places may provide free WiFi in the lobby but not in guest rooms.

So if you need to stay connected, make sure to confirm if WiFi access is available in guest rooms. If its available, determine if you have to pay. Its worth inquiring about the WiFi quality too.

gorgeous view of the Old City from the Mamilla Hotel in Jerusalem

4. Views from the Hotel 

Some people are fine with a  comfortable hotel room,and don't care if there is nothing to see out the window. 

But some hotels have amazing views of the Old City or other Jerusalem mounts and valleys. If you are willing to pay for it, you can book a room looking out at Jerusalem's unique scenery. Sometimes, even relatively inexpensive hotels can have wonderful views from the roof terrace or lobby.

5. Location Location Location

Last but not least, make your Jerusalem hotel choice based on location and how close it is to the places you wish to visit. Most Jerusalem hotels are located - 

  • Within a close walking distance to the Old City. In Western Jerusalem, the hotel options are near New Gate and Jaffa Gate. In East Jerusalem, there are hotels near Damascus Gate
  • In the Old City itself
  • In the City Center of Jerusalem in the vicinity of the Ben Yehuda Pedestrian Mall
  • In one the charming Jerusalem neighborhoods, each with its own own unique style - like the German Colony, the American Colony, the Musrara, Baka, and others.

Map of Jerusalem Hotels

Use the map below to find the location of each of the hotels described below, and the main Jerusalem attractions.

Israel - Hotels in Jerusalem Guide

For your convenience, we've divided our handpicked list of the best hotels in Jerusalem into six categories:

You can use the Israel - Jerusalem Hotels Map above to find each of the hotels described below.‎

Israel Hotels Jerusalem
Midrange Hotels of Jerusalem

What do we mean by midrange hotels in Jerusalem?

Prices for hotels in Jerusalem are a bit lower than Tel Aviv Hotels, but they are still high by international standards. Midrange Jerusalem hotels cost between US $130 to $230 for two people per night, and can be considerably higher during peak holiday season.

Some of our recommended midrange hotels are:

Mount Zion Hotel - Built in a historic, grand building, this hotel located near the renovated Old Train Station is beautiful inside and out.

YMCA Three Arches - Don't miss the views from the observation tower of this landmark building near the Old City. Rooms are on the small side but the service is wonderful! And the Sports Center is one of the best. 

Dan Panorama Jerusalem - The Dan Panorama hotels are  pleasant 4-star hotels from Israel's Dan Hotel group. The Jerusalem Dan Panorama has an outdoor, rooftop pool.

Windows of Jerusalem - for the price of a good 4 star hotel, you can enjoy a lovely, modern vacation apartment in the city center. A good option, especially for longer trips or if travelling with family.

Read more information on the best midrange hotels in Jerusalem here.

Israel Hotels Jerusalem
Cheap Hotels in Jerusalem

Yes, you can find decent cheap hotels in Jerusalem. Of course, cheap is relative to Jerusalem and we mean that the price is around or under $100, although prices can be much higher during peak season.

Here is our short list of some of the better Jerusalem budget hotels:

Allenby2  B&B Hotel - near the Central Bus Station and Light Rail  has a warm, family atmosphere. The accomodation is quaint and there is a small garden, the rooms are basic but quite clean and Nir and his staff provide great service.

Central Boutique Hotel - This tiny hotel with six rooms in the city center is a 10-15 minute walk from most city attractions. The rooms are very clean, modern although quite small. Its off busy Jaffa Road, but they provide ear plugs... 

Little House in Bakah - Situated in an authentic Ottoman-style building in the charming Bakah neighborhood, you'll enjoy the quiet and friendly atmosphere further away from the City Center. There is a free shuttle to the old City.

Paamonim Hotel - in the heart of the city, Paamonim Hotel offers a great location and friendly service. The rooms are larger than those at central budget hotels, although the rooms are basic with Ikea-style furniture. 

Agripas Boutique Hotel - is a reasonably priced hotel near the Mahne Yehuda open air market, and a fifteen minute walk to the Old City. Rooms are basic, small but clean. Breakfasts are quite good compared to other budget hotels.

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