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Handy Israel Flights and Airline Info

Non-stop flights to Tel Aviv are much easier, even if they are more expensive. For your convenience, here are:

So What Airlines have Flights to Israel?

Almost all the the major carriers fly to Israel, with discount, standard economy, and business class options available.  There is 1 major Israeli airline and 2 smaller carriers:

El Al - offers you the largest choice of non-stop and indirect flights to Israel.  As Israel's national airline, El Al is also considered the world's safest airline.  There is plainclothed security guard on board every flight.

El Al has suffered in the past from a service reputiation, but has improved a lot.  The reviews are still mixed.  You can read my take on:  Flying with El Al.

The two other Israeli airlines are Arkia and IsrAir.  They both fly between Tel Aviv and Eilat, as well as to international destinations, primarily in Europe and Asia.  They tend to be competitively priced and are worth investigating.  

International Airports in Israel

Israel has two international airports.

Most international flights to Israel arrive at Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion International Airport, about 9 miles, 15 kilometers southeast of the city. Read about everything you need to know about landing here, duty-free, security clearance and more at Ben Gurion Airport.

The other Israeli international airport is in Eilat, in the southern tip of Israel about 250 miles (400 kilometers) away. 

It will eventually be replaced by Timna (Ilan and Assaf Ramon Airport) as Israel's international airport of the south, which is under construction.

Travel and Flights Within Israel

Tel Aviv is an amazing city, but there is much to see in all of Israel! We recommend using Tel Aviv as a centrally located home base from which to tour the rest of country.

You can rent a car, or travel by bus or train from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, Cesearea, Haifa, the Galiliee in the north and the Negev to the south.

  • A bus to the northern tip of Israel takes about 3 - 4 hours.
  • A bus to the southern tip of Eilat takes 5- 6 hours.

Learn more on flights from Tel Aviv to Eilat. To get to Eilat, you may prefer to save time and catch the 50 minute flight. 

By Land and By Sea - Alternatives to Flying Here

BY LAND:  If you are touring the Middle East and want to visit Israel, you can enter the country by land via Jordan or Egypt.  You an also ask Israeli passport control to give you a special entry sheet instead of stamping your passport.

Jordan: There are 3 border crossings between Israel and Jordan and I have used them myself on both business and pleasure.

Egypt:  Travellers can walk the border crossing in Taba, Egypt which separates Eilat in Israel and the Sinai Desert in Egypt, or  drive through it by car.  

Keep in mind that you cannot cross the border in a rental car. You must rent a car on either side of the border.

When the situation in Egypt was more secure, my family and I visited Egypt’s tranquil Sinai beaches often.  I hope and pray that those days will return...

BY SEA: You can enter Israel by sea, if you are on a Mediterranean cruise stopping in Israel, or on a private yacht, which would require an advanced reservation at one of the local ports or marinas.

You can arrive by sea in Israel in the Haifa or Ashdod port, or along the marinas located in Tel Aviv and all along Israel's long shoreline.

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