What's the Time in Tel Aviv?
Find Out the Time Difference to Your City

Here is the Current Local Time in Tel Aviv and in all of Israel:

Differences between Time in Tel Aviv
and Cities Around the World

Just below is a list of time differences  between Tel Aviv and some major cities around the world.

The list is divided by Continent/Region and then by country. Near the time difference is a plus (+) or minus (-) sign.

  • A + plus sign - means that the city is east of Tel Aviv and the time is later in the day by the number of hours shown.
  • A - minus sign - means that the city is west of Tel Aviv and the time is earlier in the day by the number of hours shown.

Further down, we will explain about possible time disrepancies due to daylight savings hour.

Time Difference to Africa and the Middle East

Egypt, Cairo -  same time

South Africa, Johannesburg - same time

United Arab Emirates, Dubai  - + 2 hours

Time Difference to Asia Pacific

Australia, Melbourne - +9 hours

China, Beijing - +6 hours

Hong Kong - +6 hours

India, Mumbai - +3 1/2 hours

New Zealand, Auckland - +11 hours

Singapore - +6 hours

South Korea, Seoul - +7 hours

Time Difference to Europe

Belarus, Minsk  - +1 hour

Greece, Athens  - same time

Netherlands, Amsterdam - –1 hour

France, Paris - –1 hour

Russia, Moscow - +2 hours

UK, London - –2 hours

Time Difference to the Americas

North America

Canada, Toronto - -7 hours

United States, New York - -7 hours

United States, Chicago - -8 hours

United States, Phoenix - - 9hours

United States, Los Angeles - –10 hours

Central and South America

Argentina, Buenos Aires - -5 hours

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro - –4 hours

Mexico, Mexico City - –8 hours

Panama, Panama City - –7 hours

Time Discrepancies and Daylight Savings Time

The time differences listed above may be off by one hour for a few weeks in late March and April, and then again in late September and October.

Due to Israeli internal politics (a long story), Israel usually begins Daylight Savings Time (DST) in the spring after most other countries, and ends DST in the autumn earlier than most other countries.

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