Tel Aviv and Israel Travel Tips
Essential Info For Your Visit

Here's a handy list of essential Tel Aviv and Israel travel tips for your upcoming visit.

Before I travel, I am always looking for all that practical information to prepare for my trip. Things like: when are the local banking holidays, do I need a visa, what's the weather, what's the time difference from where I live, what is the local currency, and more.

Use this list of common questions that crop up when traveling to Israel. You can click on each of the specific answers you need, or just browse down.

Local Weather Conditions in Tel Aviv

If you want to know when is the best season to visit Tel Aviv, what kind of clothes to bring and what weather to expect year round, visit our page on Weather in Tel Aviv by Season.

Or click to find what is the Tel Aviv Weather Right Now, where you can get the current weather conditions including the temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, wind and humidity conditions and the chances of rain.

Local Time and Time Differences

Click here to see the local time in Israel and to find out the time differences between your part of the world and Israel.

Israel Travel Tip - When are the Local Holidays

Before your visit, it's important to find out when are the local Israel holidays.  

It's important to check because Israel is the only country in the world that celebrates primarily Jewish holidays, which can certainly influence your travel plans.

Israel Travel Tip 
Visa and Passport Information

Do you need a visa to enter Israel?

Press on the link Visa Israel Information to find out current visa, passport and other travel document requirements.

Israeli Currency

Israel's currency is called a Shekel. Sometimes you will see it listed as NIS, which stands for New Israeli Shekel.

Can I Use My Electrical Appliances in Israel?

Of course you can use your electrical appliances in Israel, but you may need to purchase an adaptor or an all-in-one converter/adaptor.

To find out about the the plug and voltage requirements in Israel, visit our page about the Israel Electric Plug Requirements.

Tel Aviv and Israel Travel Tip -
Local Newspapers

Here are links to the main Israeli online newspapers, all of which have native Engish websites.

  • Israel’s most influential ('highbrow') online newspaper and online news is Haaretz, the equivilant of the New York Times:

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