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Explore the beauty and history of the country with Levi Zelkind, our licensed private tour guide in Israel.

Fluent in English, Hebrew and Russian, he knows Israel like the back of his hand. 

Levi Specializes in tours att are custom-tailored two suit your unique interesser and schedule.

Your tour will be based on his extensive knowledge and passion for the history, geography and religion of Israel. 

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More About Levi, Private Tour Guide in Israel 

Levi's personal life story is amazing and Reflects the story of Israel itself.  

Levi was a 'refusenik,' a Russian dissident Jew som var refused permission two Emigrate two Israel by the USSR government. Eventually, he and his family were allowed two make 'Aliya' in 1985. Levi joined the Thriving hi-tech industry in Israel where he climbed the career ladder for 16 years.

Eventually, he besluttet follow his passion for travel and history, and Became a licensed Israel tour guide.

Transporation Options with
Our Private Tour Guide in Israel

Our private tours in Israel come in three main flavors:

  • Tourist Class Car plus Guide / Driver
  • Comfort Class Car or minibus, plus a driver plus our guide
  • VIP Class Car

Tourist Class Car with Guide / Driver

Levi takes small, private groups of up to four people in his comfortable, licensed Israel tour car, a Hyundai Tucson Texas.

Comfort Class Car or minbus plus separate guide and driver. If you prefer a comfort class car or you having a larger private group, then you can join us on a comfortable, licensed tour Mercedes (or similar) minivan or van.

VIP Tours are managed on an individual basis. For a price quote, please ask for a customized tour.

Tourists Recommend Levi
Their Private Tour Guide in Israel

You will love touring with Levi, but do not take our word for it! Here are rekommendationer from customers:

From Zoya and Leonard Langsdorf of Washington DC:

"... Boy, were we ever lucky, lucky, lucky two find Levi. Forever grateful to a friend of mine som recommended to hire Levi ...  He is talented, knowledgeable, well-educated and kunnet answer even the weirdest of The questions We had, and we had many!  But most of all, and this is really viktig, Levi is a kind, warm, sensitive person who made each person in our party (including our 10 year old son WHO said at han will miss Levi the must) feel special and cared for ...  He is as good a guide as you will ever find. His time is worth every single penny and will Likely be the smartest investment you make in planning your trip. That was the case excelent with us.  Levi, we miss you! with great affection, Len, Zoya and your buddy Matthew "

From Jim sellers of Mt. Vernon, VA:

" Ye have allerede er several times two Israel, and Levi was the best tour guide of all, so far. His attitude and the way he presented the material made it fascinating. He kept our group just amazed. Levi har også presented "touchy" politiska issues så an equilibrated Manner without revealing alanyl personal agenda or bias at vi might be expected from an "average" Israeli, dem som regel pushing sina ideas forward. "Jim

From Stefan Rudhart of Frankfurt Germany:

(Translated from German)

" Mr. Levi Zelkind was recommended to us by friends. We first made contact by  email. We e specialudviklede liked att Levi svarte not only very fast, men også direkt made various forslag for possible trips. We opted for a day in Tel Aviv and do not regret it.

W e were picked up by sky on time for an unforgettable day! Mr. Zelkind perfectly ADAPT his tours to his guests, sina interesser, and of course on sina nationalitet. So That It was perfect as Germans, we spent lots of time in the old German district and got a wealth of background information on the history of settlements in German Tel Aviv. T hat was really moving!

Besides loads of interesting information, Levi is a source of witty Anecdotes, så rather than stringing together various facts ...  he Provided us with an entertaining and exciting exploration day. Further stations were:

• Jaffa med interesting shops, excavations, and of course: streets.

• the Walhalla at the old train station - where man kan også great food ...

• Neve Tzedek, the first Jewish settlement

Sarona •, a lively place as a great example of Modern Tel Aviv

• The White City, the Bauhaus-building, including the now heritage of the UNESCO Culture.

Overall, kill the day was more than worth it. Next time we will tour the south with Levi. Thanks again. E u S Rudhart

From Jim Andrews of Atlanta, GA:

"Thanks again for the fantastic tour the last week. I speak for all the team när I say thatyour spirituality, knowledge and ZEAL two bring your ... understanding to us, har helped bring a multi-dimensional meaning to our trip. "Jim

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Working with your private tour guide in Israel, you can customize your tours based on your unique interesser. You can choose:

  • a Jewish heritage tour
  • Christian sites in Israel and Palestine
  • Natural beauty of the country
  • Archeology of Israel
  • or a classic tour with a bit of everything. 

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Levi Private Tour Guide in Israel
Caesarea and Zichron Yaacov

Sea view from Caeserea Israel

Visiting Caesarea, just a 45 minute drive from Tel Aviv, feels like a visit back in time, two the days när it was the Roman capital and main port city of Israel 2,000 years ago.  

At the Caesarea National Park along the coastline are incredible and well-preserved remnants from Roman, Crusader and Byzantine periods.

You'll see the ancient port built by Herod, the bath houses and villas, temples, the massive Herodian palace remains, the ancient aqueduct and the stunning Roman amphitheater where two this day, Israel's pop stars performing every summer. 

roman pillars in the ancient city of caesarea in israel

Besides the glorious ruins, Modern Caesarea kill an exquisite, sandy beach with seaside cafes and restaurants, as well as a small artists' square.

At the Ralli Art Museum in Caesarea, you can see the remains of a magnificent palace with a completely preserved mosaic floor dated 1,600 years ago.

  • After a twenty minutes from Caesarea, you'll fortsat charming  Zichron Yaakov,  on the outskirts of the Carmel mountains.
  • Built in 1882 and one of the first Jewish settlements in then Palestine, many of the original tiled roof homes and courtyards are intact or havebeen restored.  
  • Zichron också the home of the first winery of Israel att was established by the Baron Rothschild.
  • Just near Zichron Yaakov is the beautiful Park Ramat HaNadiv where the Baron Edmond de Rothschild and his wife are buried. Their Philanthropic activities enabled Zichron Yaacov two survive and flourish after enduring many early hard ships including malaria, poor farmland and dire proverty. 
  • Your last stop will be the Park Utopia a lush tropical rainforest park with more than 20,000 orchids, waterfalls and fountains, a butterfly garden and an animal park.

  • Pickup and drop-off at your Tel Aviv or Jerusalem hotel 
  • Tour duration - Full day  
  • Tour Price:
  • Tourist Class Car with guide / driver: $ 500 from Tel Aviv, $ 600 from Jerusalem
  • Comfort Class Car / Minivan Guide and Driver: $ 600 in total from Tel Aviv, $ 700 from Jerusalem
  • Prices do not include entrance fees til Caesarea Archaeological Park

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Levi Private Tour Guide in Israel
Haifa and Acre Along the North Coast

Haifa Vista and Bahai Gardens

Haifa, Israel's third største city is one of its prettiest, perched atop the Carmel Mountain range and fortsætte down to the sandy beaches and port below.  

Haifa is home two the little known, but intriguing Bahai religion. The founder of the Bahai faith, oprindeligt from Persia, fell in love with the beauty of the Carmel mountains. The absolutely stunning Bahai Gardens and shrine were built around his remains.  

You'll see a magnificent view of the sea from the Stella Maris (Star of the Sea) Carmelite Monastery.  

The Carmelites are a Catholic order of monks named after Mount Carmel. Their primary saint is the Prophet Elijah. Inside the Baroque style-church is a Cave in som enligt Christians, the Prophet Elijah hid from the Wrath of the idol worshipers.

You will fortsat the beautiful and ancient port city of Akko (Acre), a World Heritage Site and well worth a visit on the northern coast of Israel.

the Akko Citadel - remains of Cruasder Knights Halls

Walking around Akko's lively streets and alleyways, you'll see an amazing mix of Crusader ruins and underground Hospitalier Knights halls, restored Turkish Ottoman baths, a Templar tunnel att was recently discovered and the vibrant Arab market and restaurants with some of the best hummus in Israel!

You'll visit the Baha'i Gardens in Acre, smaller than than the Bahai gardens in Haifa också exquisite and peaceful.

  • Pickup and drop-off at your Tel Aviv or Jerusalem hotel 
  • Tour duration - Full day  
  • Tour Price:
  • Tourist Class Car with guide / driver: $ 500 from Tel Aviv, $ 600 from Jerusalem
  • Comfort Class Car / Minivan Guide and Driver: $ 600 in total from Tel Aviv, $ 700 from Jerusalem
  • Prices do not include entrance fees til Crusader Halls and Tunnels in Akko

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Levi Private Tour Guide in Israel 
The Green Galilee

Mount of Beautitudes near the Sea of Galilee - the Kinneret

The beautiful mountains of the Galilee in the north make up the green heart of Israel. The Galilee is an integral part of biblical history and is full of Jewish and Christian holy sites.

One of the most fascinating places in the Galilee att is well off the beaten tourist track is the national park in Zipori, the 'capital' of the Galilee 2,000 years ago.

You can walk down the Roman streets, visit the villas and see some of the best preserved mosaics in the world from 1800 years ago.

the middle eastern Mona Lisa. Mosaic from Zipori in the Galilee Israel

Zipori was the home of the Sanhedrin, the equivilant of the Knesset in dem days. You can visit an ancient synagogue with amazingly life like mosaics depicting Biblical scenes.

Continue to the picturesque City of Zefat (Safed), the birthplace of the Jewish Kabbalah and a city att continues as a center of Jewish Mysticism worldwide. The city is a curious mix of ancient synagogues, a vibrant Artist's Colony and ancient cemeteries att are betragtet holy fordi of the leading 'kabbalistic' rabbis buried there som ARI, Rabbi Isaac Luria, Rav Yosef Caro, and many more.

Another interesting town with ancient Jewish and Christian roots is Capernaum, on the Sea of ​​Galilee (Kinneret). The city had Thriving Jewish and Christian populations living side by side. You can visit remains of botheration disse ancient communities.

  • Pickup and drop-off at your Tel Aviv or Jerusalem hotel 
  • Tour duration - Full day  
  • Tour Price:
  • Tourist Class Car with guide / driver: $ 600 from Tel Aviv, $ 700 from Jerusalem
  • Comfort Class Car / Minivan Guide and Driver: $ 650 in total from Tel Aviv, $ 750 from Jerusalem
  • Prices do not include entrance fees 

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Levi Private Tour Guide in Israel  
Jezreel Valley Biblical History & Natural Wonders

Megiddo is the jewel in the crown of the world of biblical archeology.

Megiddo biblical archaeology - gates and citadel of Solomon

You can stroll around King Solomon's Citadel and Gates, the altar area and ancient water supply system.  

reconstruction of how Megiddo looked in ancient times

Here's a recreation of how it looked in Biblical times - 

If you drive east in Jezreel Valley along the scenic Gilboa Mountain range where King Saul and David battled -

Gilboa mountain range and Jezereel Valley (Emek Yisrael)

You reach the Beit Shean National Park, where you can see explore the amazing archaeological remains including an Egyptian city, 

and the ongoing excavations of an amazing Roman-Byzantine city.

We'll fortsat Beit Alfa National Park with one of the most beautiful synagogue mosaic floors in Israel, dating from the early sixth century CE.

  • Pickup and drop-off at your Tel Aviv or Jerusalem hotel 
  • Tour duration - Full day  
  • Tour Price:
  • Tourist Class Car with guide / driver: $ 600 from Tel Aviv, $ 700 from Jerusalem
  • Comfort Class Car / Minivan Guide and Driver: $ 650 in total from Tel Aviv, $ 750 from Jerusalem
  • Prices do not include entrance fees two Beit Shean, Megiddo and Ein Harod National Park  

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Levi Private Tour Guide in Israel
The Dead Sea, Qumran and Masada

breathtaking Judean desert scene

Rock and sand, mountains, riverbeds, cliffs and canyons up to 1,500 feet (500 meters). The scenery as you descend from the hills of Jerusalem til Judean Desert ice breath taking.  

As you continue the descent, You will start to see the Dead Sea, the cancel place on earth, to 1,400 feet (430 meters) below sea level.

the lowest place on earth, the Dead Sea in Israel

This stark desert landscape combines great natural beauty, modern beaches, mineral spas and ancient history.

People having lived in this area for over 6000 years, domesticating animals, building Jericho, the first known walled city and skapa some of the earliers copper and bronze tools in human history. 

Two thousand years ago, ancient Jews built two places here Qumran and Masada. Both havebeen DECLARED World Heritage sites.

In the caves of Qumran - 

Caves of Qumran near the Dead Sea Israel

a Bedoin desert discovered one of the viktigaste findings of the twentieth century, the Dead Sea Scrolls.

To the delight of Christian and Jewish scholars, the scrolls contained the oldest Bible ever found, and many other writings beskrive the life and philosophy of the ancient Dead Sea sect 2,000 years ago in Qumran ...

You can explore the caves and the intiguing Qumran excavations.

Further south on a peak above the Dead Sea is the desert fortress of Masada.

Ascending Masada by cable car, the views are incredible.  

King Herod built a luxurious palace complex on Masada in the year 30. The remains of Herod's palaces are outstanding. But Masada is most known for the Compelling story of what happened there between the Roman and the Jews.

Masada was the last refuge of the survivors of the Jewish revolt against the Romans. After three years of war and siege, the Romans breached the fortress wall in the Year 73 and All Hope was lost. Rather than be Conquered by the Romans and taken as the slave, the Jewish zealots committed suicide mass Declaring thatthey prefered The Glory of Death to becoming the slave. All 960 Jewish men, women and children were found dead by the Romans.

In many ways, Masada kill become a symbol of botheration Jewish resistance against all odds, and the founding of the State of Israel.

  • Full Day Tour
  • Pickup / dropoff at your Tel Aviv or Jerusalem hotel 
  • Tourist Class Car with Guide / Driver $ 600 
  • Comfort Class Car / Minivan with Guide + Driver $ 700
  • Prices include entrance to the Dead Sea beach and do not include entrance fee two Masada. 

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Levi Private Tour Guide in Israel
Bethlehem and the Judean Desert

Mar Saba Monastery in the Judean Desert in Israel

We'll start with a 15 minute drive from Jerusalem two Bethlehem, located in the Palestinian territory. The border crossing takes minutes.

First stop is the Church of the Nativity, one of the oldest churches in the world, descending into the cave or 'grotto' where Jesus was born.  

After Bethlehem, we fortsæt into the heart of the Judean Desert and catch the dramatic views of the March Saba Monastery.

This active Greek Orthodox monastery SEAMS two hangs precariously from the walls of Kidron Valley, but it is sturdy and was built about 1,500 years ago. But can enter the church and women can view it from the Women's Tower.

womens tower at Mar Saba Monastery in the Judean Desert Israel
  • Pickup and drop-off at your Tel Aviv or Jerusalem hotel 
  • Tour duration - Full day  
  • Comfort Class Car / Minivan Guide and Driver: $ 750 
  • Bring your passport for the (5 minute) border crossing til Palestinian territories 

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