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Jewish history and heritage on Private Israel VIP Tours

Catch the essence of Israel on one of our unforgettable Israel VIP tours. Discover the incredible Jewish history and modern vitality of this ancient-new land.

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Levi Zelkind is our licensed private tour guide in Israel. 

Go-TelAviv house tour guide of israel Levi Zelkind

You will love his passion, his knowledge and his stories about the geography and religions of Israel. Read reviews of Levi's tours here.

Levi's personal life story is amazing and reflects the story of Israel itself. Find out more on the tour...

Jewish Heritage Israel VIP Tours 
Suggested One Week Tour Itinerary 

Start planning your trip of a lifetime.

Here is a sample one week tour itinerary covering the minimum must-sees. Since Levi specializes in private VIP tours, the tour duration and itinerary can be adjusted to suit your unique interests, pace and schedule.  

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Jewish Heritage Israel VIP Tours 
Day 1 - Arrival in Israel

view of Tel Aviv from the hill of Jaffa

Arrival in Tel Aviv, Israel

  • Transfer to your Tel Aviv hotel
  • First night in Tel Aviv

Jewish Heritage Israel VIP Tours 
Day 2 - Modern Tel Aviv and Old Jaffa

the Jaffa Port and the tower of St. Peters Church
  • First stop is lovely old Jaffa. We will wander along its winding alleyways and discover the 7,000 year old history at the Jaffa Port and the Hill of Jaffa, while enjoying beautiful views from observation points.
  • We will visit to the quaint American Colony near Jaffa founded by pilgrims from Maine in the mid 1800's 
  • We'll continue to the heart of Tel Aviv and walk along leafy Rothschild Boulevard  - 
tree-lined Rothschild Blvd in Tel Aviv

while feasting our eyes on the white and airy Bauhaus architecture of Tel Aviv's 'White City,' declared a Unesco World Heritage site.

  • Last step in Tel Aviv is Sarona – the beautifully renovated colony of Christian Germans who settled in the Holy Land in the mid-nineteenth century.
  • Second night in Tel Aviv

Jewish Heritage Israel VIP Tours 
Day 3 - Haifa, Akko and Caesarea along the northern coastline

Bahai Gardens a World Heritage site in Haifa Israel
  • We will discover Haifa and walk around the Baha'i Gardens, considered by many to be the most beautiful landscaped park in the world, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
  • Continuing further north to the ancient city of Akko (Acre) -
underground Templars Tunnel in Akko (Acre) in the north of Israel

we'll visit the Hospitaliers’ Order Citadel, and walk through the Secret Tunnel built by the Templar Knights. Akko was once the capital of the Crusader Kingdom and is today a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

  • We'll end the day's tour in historic Caesarea, one of the most important Judeo-Roman cities and the Roman Capital of Judea. Besides the Roman amphitheater still in use today -
Caesarea amphitheater, built by the Romans and still in use today

We will also visit the  Roman Theater, the Hippodrome and the Ancient Port, all built by the King Herod. Caesarea too is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

  • Third night in Tel Aviv

Jewish Heritage Israel VIP Tours 
Day 4 - Amazing Jewish History of the Galilee in Beit Shearim, Zipori and Safed

ancient Jewish catacombs in Beit Shearim
  • We'll start off the beaten path in Beit Shearim, home to the oldest Jewish catacombs ever discovered, from the 3rd Century. This is where Yehuda Hanasi, Judah the Prince and the Jewish sages codified the Jewish Oral Law - the Mishna. 

• Our next stop is the national park Zipori, the 'capital' of the Galilee 2,000 years ago. You can walk down the Roman streets, see the Jewish nobility's villas and perfectly preserved ancient mosaics, such as this Zipori 'Mona Lisa' -

The 'Mona Lisa' mosaic in Zipori in the Galilee, Israel

We'll descend into Zipori's ancient, and impressive underground water tunnel.

• Last stop for the day will be the picturesque city of Safed - Tzfat, the center of Jewish mysticism and Kabbalah since the sixteenth century. We'll walk around the well-preserved Old City, the curious mix of twisted lanes, old houses, mystics’ ancient synagogues, a vibrant Artist's Colony and old cemeteries where some of the most famous kabbalist rabbis are buried.

  • Fourth night in Tel Aviv

Jewish Heritage Israel VIP Tours 
Day 5 - Magical Jerusalem

view of HaKotel, the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem

 • We will enter the Old City of Jerusalem via Jaffa Gate and visit King David Citadel, a perfectly preserved fortress built over 2000 years ago. We'll continue our walk through the Old City to Mount Zion, the burial place of King David. 

• We will walk through the bustling Jewish Quarter of the Old City. 

bustling street in the Jewish Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem
  • We'll descend to the 2,000 year old Herodian Quarter underground street, exploring the excacations that have uncovered the daily life and homes of wealthy Jewish priests from the time just before the city's destruction by the Romans.

• Finally, we will visit HaKotel, the Western Wall, Judaism's most sacred site, and explore the exciting Western Wall Tunnel along the Temple Mount. We'll visit the Temple Southern Wall excavations, including King Solomon's Palace from 3,000 years ago, and the steps used by pilgrims ascending to the Temple.

  • Fifth night in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem

Jewish Heritage Israel VIP Tours 
Day 6 - Journey back in Time in Jezreel Valley

roman pillars in Beit She'an Archaeological Park
  • We will start the day in the north of Israel in Megiddo, the jewel in the crown of the world of biblical archaeology. We'll visit the palaces, storages and stalls built by the Jewish kings over 2600 years ago, and the ancient water system built by King Solomon.
  • From Megiddo we'll drive along the scenic Gilboa Mountain range, where every hill and valley is mentioned in a Biblical tale, witnessing the Biblical stories of David and Saul unfolding before our eyes.
  • On the way, we'll visit the unique, 6th century synagogue at Beit Alfa, with its perfectly preserved mosaic depicting Isaac's sacrifice surrounded by the signs of Zodiac.
  • Finally we'll explore Beit Shean's amazing archaeological remains including an Egyptian city and ongoing excavations of Scythopolis, the Roman-Byzantine city with its Roman Theater, paved streets, baths and fountains. Beit Shean the site of the horrible scene of King Saul and his sons hanging from the city walls. 
  • Sixth night - hotel in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem

Jewish Heritage Israel VIP Tours 
Day 7 - The Desert: Kumran, Masada and the Dead Sea

along the shores of the Dead Sea in Israel
  • Our tour along the shores of the Dead Sea starts at Qumran, where the the Dead Sea scrolls were found. We'll stroll around the excavations, the traditional 'Mikveh's and communal buildings of the the unique Jewish community of Essenes, the Dead Sea Sect.
  • We will continue our scenic drive along the Dead Sea shore, the lowest place on Earth. Along the way, we shall enjoy fascinating views, endlessly changing with every twist of the road.
  • Ascending to Masada by cable cars - 
ascending Masada with cable cars

we'll visit Herod’s mountain palace and the site of the last stand of the Jewish Zealots against the Romans in the year 73 CE. Walking along the flat top of Masada Mountain is like walking through history – from one palace to another, the ancient synagogue and between the unique water reservoirs. This tremendously beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site does not leave anyone untouched.

  • If time and the weather permit, we'll visit the Dead Sea resort area of Ein Bokek and float in the Dead Sea.
  • From here we'll drive along the stunning road in the Judean Desert to Arad, up the northern Negev desert viewing the Bedoint settlements along the way, heading back to Tel Aviv.
  • Seventh night - hotel in Tel Aviv 

Jewish Heritage Israel VIP Tours 
Day 8 - Farewell and Departure

  • Transfer to Ben Gurion International Airport
  • Departure flight 

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