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Book one of our three private Jerusalem walking tours to truly get to know this amazing city, up close and personal.

vista of the Old City of Jerusalem, the Temple Mount and the Western Wall

Walking is the ultimate way to experience Jerusalem's magic. And it is also a great way to get some fresh air, exercise, as well as an intimate view of Jerusalem natives in all their diversity!

jerusalem walking tours allow you to enjoy up close the diversity of the natives

3 Fascinating Jerusalem Walking Tours

As you walk and discover Jerusalem, our licensed private tour guide Levi will share with you his passion and knowledge about the history and religions of Jerusalem.

Choose one or more of our three walking tours:

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Jerusalem Walking Tours 1
The Old City Tour Itinerary

hurva synagogue, the ruined synagogue in the jewish quarter of the old city of jerusalem

1. We'll meet at the Jaffa Gate.

2. From there, we'll pass through the gate and visit the Tower of David, enjoying the panoramic view from above. Entrance fees to the citadel are approximately 40 shekels per person.

3. We will walk leisurely through the lovely Armenian Quarter to Mt. Zion and visit King David's Tomb. 

4. We'll walk through the amazing Jewish Quarter, passing through the Hurva or Ruined Synagogue, a symbol of both the destruction and revival of the old city. Entrance fees are approximately 20 shekels per person.

5. We'll continue strolling along the unbelievable Cardo, the central street of Jerusalem in the 6th century.

6. We will visit Judaism's most sacred site, the Kotel, the remaining Western Wall of the Jewish Temple.

7. We will descend into the incredible Western Wall Tunnels exploring the route. Entrance fees to the tunnels are approximately 30 shekels per person.

8. Walking along the Christian and Moslem Quarters of Jerusalem, we will return to Jaffa Gate.

 9. You can have lunch at one of local restaurants along the way.

  • 4 Hour Tour
  • $ 150 per person, Minimum 4 people. Maximum 8 people
  • Prices do not include entrance fees or lunch
  • Transportation to / from the tour are not included

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Jerusalem Walking Tours 2
Secret Underground Jerusalem

1. We'll meet at the Jaffa Gate.

2. From there, we'll head through the Old City to the Observation Point above the Old City Market, enjoying the stunning view of the city and the surrounding mountains.

3. We'll descend into the Herodian Quarter and walk along this underground street, exploring the remains of 2,000 year old homes of wealthy priests from the time of the great Jewish revolt. Entrance fees are approximately 20 shekels per person.

4. We'll continue to ancient King David City, seeing the glory of the 3,000 year old remains of the first Jewish capital. Entrance fees are approximately 100 shekels per person, and include all the sites below. 

5. We'll descend into Hezekiah's Tunnel, built by Jewish kings to supply water to Jerusalem.

6. Passing the newest archaeological excavations, we will descend and stroll along the recently discovered, underground Pilgrims Street dating from the time of King Herod.

7. We'll continue, exploring the wonders of the Davidson Archeological Park below the Temple Mount.

8. After leaving this wonderful site, we'll descend into the Kidron Valley, also known as the Valley of Resurrection. We'll walk along the historical path and see the ancient tombs which include the tomb of Absalom, King David's son.

9. We'll finish our tour at Gethsemane Garden.

10. You can take a taxi back to your Jerusalem hotel which should cost between 50 to 80 shekels.

10. You can have a light meal or some smacks at  the City of David buffet.

  • 4 Hour Tour
  • $ 150 per person, Minimum 4 people. Maximum 8 people
  • Prices do not include entrance fees or lunch
  • Transportation to / from the tour are not included

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Jerusalem Walking Tours 3 
Modern Jerusalem by Foot and Tram

1. We'll meet at Herzl Street, one of the main streets of new Jerusalem.  

2. From there we'll walk to Nahalot, discovering an enchanting neighborhood from the 19th century. 

3. Next stop along the way is colorful Machane Yehuda Market, the best shuk of Jerusalem, if not in all of Israel.

4. We will stroll down the Street of the Prophets, one of Jerusalem's most interesting streets, enjoying the historic buildings and sites on the way.

5. We'll stop at the home of Eliezer Ben-Yehuda, the man responsible for the revival of the Hebrew language.

6. Along the way, we will visit the Ethiopian Compound and its beautiful church.

7. We will explore the Russian Compound, built by the Russian Tsars in the mid 1800's.  This is the oldest neighborhood of Jerusalem outside the old city walls.

8. We'll take a light rail train to beautiful Mount Herzl National Cemetery. Israel's history unfolds as you stroll along the peaceful trails along the burial places of Israel's heroes, Prime Ministers, Presidents and fallen soldiers.

9. Last stop is Yad Vashem Holocaust Musueum, starting in the the rooms displaying the Holocaust, the atrocities and extermination,  continuing to the armed resistance of the Jews, and culminating in the rebirth of the Jewish nation in the Israel with an amazing view of modern Jerusalem.

10. From here you will take the light rail train back to your hotel.

11. You can have a lunch at the Yad Vashem Museum Cafe. 

  • 4 Hour Tour
  • $ 150 per person, Minimum 4 people. Maximum 8 people
  • Prices do not include entrance fees or lunch
  • Transportation to / from the tour are not included

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