Join Our Private Wine Tours in Israel
Enjoy a Scenic Wine-Tasting Excursion 

Wine Tours Israel winetasting at Karmei Yosef Winery in the Judean Hills

Joining our private wine tours in Israel means spending a day:

  • Exploring one of Israel's six wine regions
  • Wine-tasting at up to three boutique wineries in Israel while winemakers share with you their knowledge and passion
  • Enjoying the scenic views and discovering  the history of the regions you will visit.


Tourists Review Levi's Wine Tours

Leta and Hope from the USA

"My daughter and I are so happy that you were our guide. You were helpful in so many ways with your knowledge of the history of Israel, of modern day Israel and the people living there.

We absolutely loved the wine tour and it was a wonderful way to really get to meet the Israelis living there.

I would certainly recommend you for your professionalism... as a tour guide and all that it entails. We would definitely ask for you again and hope others do as well. Thank you very-very much. 

Six Regional Options for Our Wine Tours in Israel

There are now well over 200 wineries in Israel.

There is a rich history of producing local wines that has been traced back to 3000 BC. But the contemporary wineries ‎reappeared in the 1800s in Jerusalem,where small ‎wineries started producing sacramental wine. The ‎recent phenomena of quality wine making started in ‎the 1990s.  ‎

You can choose between six main wine-growing regions for your wine tour in Israel, depending on your interest and the season.

The Central Area of Israel has been producing wine since most ancient times.  This area includes three major regions which today, produce some of the best wine in the country:

1. the Carmel Mountain Wineries to the South from Haifa

2. the Judean Hill Wineries around Jerusalem and adjacent Shfela Valley

3. and the Sharon Plain Wineries north of Tel Aviv. 

Northern Israel's high altitudes, volcanic soil, and the contrast between hot summers and snowy winters are ideal for wine-making. The northern wine regions are in:

4. the Galilee Wineries

5. and the Golan Heights Wineries 

From Southern Israel, the Ancient Hebrew spies smuggled huge wine grapes as the Bible tells us. 

6. The Negev desert wineries has proved exemplary good for wine production. From here, the intense heat and sun, the relatively cold nights and the extremely dry weather results in early grape ripening, creating high quality wines with unique aromas.

Read all about Israel's six wine regions here.

Additional Options on Your Wine-Tasting Tour

Each of the boutique wineries you visit on the tour will share with you their have their own special style and approach to wine-making. 

You can opt for our standard wine tours, or you may prefer to customize your tour to include:

  • your choice of a wine region
  • your choice of a specific winery 
  • Optional additional visits to nearby chocolatiers, breweries and dairies can be planned as well.

Private Wine Tour in Israel Cost and Information

The price of your private wine tour depends on your pickup location.

What's Included:

  • Pickup / Dropoff at your Tel Aviv hotel 
  • Advanced booking of wine tasting of 3-4 wines (at least) at 3 wineries
  • Private Car with Guide / Driver
  • The price of wine-tasting and meals is not included

 Tour Price:

  • Tours in the Central regions: $ 650 
  • Tours in the South and North regions: $650

A customized tour price is program-dependent.

To book your wine tour BOOK HERE

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