The Jewish Tour of Israel
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Explore your heritage and be inspired on the Jewish tour of Israel. 

View of Masada Fortress in the Judean Desert with a veiw of the Dead Sea in the background

Discover this beautiful ancient-new country where the ‎Jewish nation was born, prospered and suffered, from where Jews were exiled and returned to create the modern State of Israel after 2,000 years.

The Jewish Tour in Israel
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A private tour is the ultimate way to explore Israel. You can customize the tour to your specific interests and pace, without have to share a bus with twenty strangers. The private tours are reasonably priced, especially if you are traveling with family or friends.

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Or you may prefer one-day private Jewish Heritage tours. Read more about each tour's itinerary and schedule by clicking on the tour links below.

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The Jewish Tour in Israel
Jewish Gems in the Galilee Tour

On the way to the Galilee Mountains, first stop off the beaten path is Beit Shearim, which was home to the Jewish Sanhedrim and to Rabbi Yehuda Hanasi (Judah the Prince), who lived and was buried here.

ancient Jewish catacombs in Beit Shearim

Beit Shearim is one of the few locations in the world with Jewish catacombs dating from the 3rd Century CE. We will walk among the fascinating burial caves in this Unesco World Heritage Site.

Next stop is Zippori National Park, the capital of Roman Galilee 1,800 years ‎ago.

You can walk down the renovated Roman streets, visit the nobility's ‎villas and see the amazing and perfectly preserved ancient mosaics, like this one called the 'Mona Lisa' -

Preserved Mona Lisa Mosaic in Zippori in the Galilee, Israel

At Zippori we will visit the renovated Jewish quarter dating from the days of the Mishna and Talmud, with the many 'mikvehs' - ritual baths. We will also descend into the huge, underground water supply channel.

Last stop is the mountaintop city of Safed, or 'Tsfat' in Hebrew.

Winding alleyways in Safed or Tsfat in Hebrew, a mountaintop city in the Galilee, Israel

Safed is the center of ‎Kabbalah studies and Jewish mysticism. 

The city is a picturesque mix ‎of twisted lanes, surrounded by old houses, old ‎synagogues, a vibrant Artist's Colony and ancient cemeteries where ‎some of the most famous kabbalist rabbis are buried.‎

  • Pickup and drop-off at your Tel Aviv hotel or Jerusalem hotel
  • Tour duration - Full day 
  • Tour Price:
  • Private Class Car with guide / driver: $ 650 from Tel Aviv

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If you prefer an organized Jewish group tour of Israel, learn more about 4-day to 11-day group tour options.

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