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Right Now and All Week Long

Here are the latest Tel Aviv weather conditions for this week. 

If you want to know what's the weather like in Tel Aviv throughout the year, go to our page: Weather in Tel Aviv, Year Round.

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Tel Aviv weather is almost always moderate. No need to worry about extreme weather conditions here... 

Tel Aviv basks in sunshine over 300 days a year!

We don't get a lot of rain and what we do get falls mainly during the winter months, between December and March.  There can be some suprise showers during the autumn months of October and November, or in the spring months of April or even May, but they aren't common.

Note that there is a relatively big temperature difference between day and night.  That's because here in the Middle East, we are so close to the desert.  So make sure to check the weather and to pack for both daytime and nighttime weather conditions!

The Joys of Israel Weather

One of my joys of living in Israel are the balmy, sunny days most of the year and the relatively short, mild winters.

Find out more about the enjoying Tel Aviv weather on this website:

  • Strolling in old Jaffa - the port, the winding streets, the history

The Hamsin or Sharav

The only extreme and unpleasant weather you might experience here are the occasional winds that blow in from Egypt or the Saudia Arabian desert a few times a year.  

We call these hot winds 'Hamsin' or 'Sharav.'   They can get pretty awful.  When they are bad, the air is filled with dust or sand and there is a perpetual sand smog in the air.  In these cases, its best to stay indoors, especially if you suffer from allergies or asthma.  

The few hamsins a year usually occur during the fall or spring months. But they are unpredictable.

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