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Flying in and out of Tel Aviv Airport

Are you wondering whether to stay at one of the Tel Aviv airport hotels on your first or last night in Israel?

There are ‎pros and cons to consider if to lodge at an airport hotel.

* You may prefer to jump directly to our most recommended airport hotel.

I'll start with why not.

I personally prefer residing at my vacation spot on both the first and last night. This way I can enjoy the sights, go out for a stroll or have a nice dinner. Even if it means a long commute, I find it more pleasant than staying at a remote airport hotel.

Specifically here in Israel, Ben Gurion Airport is located more or less in between Israel's two main cities. 

Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport central waiting area for your flight

It is a thirty minute drive to Tel Aviv and forty five minutes to Jerusalem.

So staying in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are reasonable options for your first or last night in Israel, although when traffic is heavy during rush hour, you should double the travel time.

On the other hand, there are some excellent reasons for staying at one of the Tel Aviv Aiport hotels.

So when should you consider staying
at one of the Tel Aviv Airport Hotels?

  • If you have a late night or early morning flight. It's recommended to be at Ben Gurion Airport three hours before your flight. Taking into account rush hour traffic in Israel's big cities during weekday mornings and afternoons, strict security checks and long lines at the airport staying near the airport can be a lifesaver! This is especially true during high season - during Israeli holidays and the summer.
  • If the city you are traveling to or from is further away than Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. Once the ‎drive is more than an hour or so, staying at one of the Israel airport hotels is a reasonable option.‎
  • Or if you simply prefer not be rushed on the night you depart or fly in to Israel.‎

So in summary, if you have a late night or early morning departure, and above all, if you are staying further away from the airport than  Jerusalem and Tel Aviv's northern suburbs in the Sharon district, booking a Tel Aviv airport hotel for your first or last night will save you time and hassle.

Recommended Tel Aviv Airport Hotels

Having reviewed all the lodging choices near the airport, there aren't many good options, unfortunately. Many of the hotels that are close to the airport are old and shobby.

Taking all options into account, I recommend the 4 star Sadot Airport Hotel as the best hotel near the airport. 

If you are looking for cheaper accomodations near the airport, there are also some decent guesthouses.

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Tel Aviv Airport Hotels
Sadot Hotel

lobby area at the Sadot Hotel, an excellent 4 star lodging option near Israel's Ben Gurion Airport

The Sadot Hotel (part of the Atlas 4 Star boutique hotel chain) is our top choice if you want to stay near Ben Gurion Airport.  

Airport hotels are usually drab, old and overpriced. The Sadot Hotel is the total opposite. 

It is really the perfect hotel for the night before or after a flight.

Tel Aviv Airport Hotels
Sadot Hotel - Getting There and Back

Sadot Hotel is located in Tzriffin, less than a 15 minute drive from the airport. The name 'Sadot' means fields in Hebrew, which you can see from the hotel windows.

The hotel is part of the Assaf HaRofeh hospital complex located in the Assaf Mall. Your taxi or car needs to go through the hospital main security entrance. It may seem confusing, especially since the lobby is on the third floor. But despite the unusual location, don't be put off! 

The hotel is lovely, modern and welcoming. Their service is super friendly and helpful.

They offer a free, oneway shuttle service to the airport at any time of the day or night. Just make sure to order it in advance.

And even if your flight is at 4 AM, you can ask for a take-away breakfast that you can enjoy in the airport.

Tel Aviv Airport Hotels 
Sadot - Rooms

comfortable rooms at Sadot Airport Hotel

The standard rooms are spacious, clean and modern with a sitting area near a comfortable bed and great pillows.

And unlike many hotel rooms in Tel Aviv, it is very quiet, great for sleeping...

Every day from five to seven PM, Sadot Hotel serves a generous Happy Hour Buffet with wine, cheeses, sandwiches, vegetables, fruit and sweets. At no extra cost! 

daily Happy Hour at Sadot hotel near Ben Gurion Airport in Israel

And their Israeli-style breakfast buffet is quite good too with lots of food options. 

There is even a gym room for exercising before or after your flight.

Sadot Hotel gym near Ben Gurion Airport in Israel

Sadot Ben Gurion Airport Hotel
Best Rates, Reviews, Availability

Tel Aviv Airport Hotels 
Guest Houses near Ben Gurion Airport

There are some decent guesthouses and apartment rooms available closeby to the airport.

For example, this is a room in a no-frills, clean guesthouse in the city of Lod, just a 10-12 minute drive from the airport. Other people may be staying in other rooms in the house, but the price is low.

Basic, clean room in a Lod guesthouse just 10 minutes from Ben Gurion Airport

Ben Gurion Airport Guesthouse in Lod
Check Availability and Rates

You can read more about several guesthouses located near the airport here by pressing on the link just below.

Hotels and Guesthouses near Ben Gurion International Airport

Here are some important tips when selecting a room or a guesthouse:

-  Make sure that the distance to the airport doesn't exceed 10 - 15 kilometers. Cities close to Ben Gurion airport can be in: Lod, Ramle, Or Yehuda and Yehud (to name a few). Some places call themselves airport hotels, but  they are far away in Tel Aviv or Rehovot. 

- Make sure to read guest reviews! Guesthouses near the airport are no frills, but you want to find those that are clean and comfortable.

- Before you book, inquire how far is the nearest supermarket or restaurant. Especially if you arrive on a Friday night, everything may be closed nearby so check before you book!

- Make sure there is a way to contact the owner on his mobile phone, WhatsAPP and email, even if you arrive late at night.

- It is always better if someone will greet you when you arrive and show you around. In case that isn't possible, make sure you understand clearly where the keys are, or the door code. And don't forget to get clear instructions to give your taxi driver!

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