Try Tel Aviv's Bike Share 
It's Fun, Convenient and a Cheap Way to Discover the City

Tel Aviv’s bike share program is a huge hit for tourists and locals alike. You can rent the green bikes - which are regular pedal bicycles:

one of the 200 Tel Aviv Bike Share stations across the city

Or choose an electric bicycle - in blue:

rent an electric bicycle from Tel Aviv's bike share TelOFun

You can pick up a bicycle and drop it off at one of the 200 bike share stations all over the city with no advance notification.

Known as TeloFun, Tel Aviv’s ecofriendly bike system is similar to the city bike rentals cropping up in cities around the world such as  Paris, Boston, or Taipei (to name just a few). 

Tel Aviv Tel-o-fun bicycle in a Jaffa alleywayCourtesy of PlanetGordon

It’s one of the easiest ways to get around town and discover Tel Aviv. You can take them anywhere in the city.

All you need is a credit card.

In old Jaffa, alleyways were never meant for cars anyway!

Where to Bike

There are 2,000 bicycles and over 100 kilometers of biking trails across Tel Aviv. You can bike all over the city.

Along tree-lined Rothschild Boulevard in the heart of Tel Aviv's Bauhaus White City.

biking along rothschild boulevard in tel aviv

In Tel Aviv's HaYarkon Park -

biking in Tel Aviv's Yarkon Park

And of course, along  along the Tel Aviv beach promenade, known as Hatayelet, which starts in old Jaffa and winds its way up to the northern beaches of Tel Aviv.

biking along the Tel Aviv Beach Promenade known as Hatayelet

Using Tel Aviv's Bike Share System is Easy

The stations are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can pick up your bike at one place and drop it off at another at one of the stations.

TelOFun bike station in Tel Aviv

Some of the most popular rental stations that are located near tourist attractions are:

  • Tel Aviv Port. South near Metzitzim Beach and north near  Shalvata Restaurant/bar 
  • Tel Aviv Promenade. Just near the Carlton Hotel
  • Neve Tzedek neighborhood. 19 Shabazi Street
  • Carmel Market (Shuk Hacarmel). 53 Allenby Street
  • Tel Aviv City Hall. Rabin Square
  • 108 Rothschild Boulevard. Off Sheinkin Street
  • The Jaffa Watch Tower

You can find an English map of all the Tel Aviv bicycle docking stations -  including a live feed on how many bikes are currently available in each station. 

The Bicycles

City of Tel Aviv green, pedal bike

The bikes are all 3 gear and one-size only. They are equipped with lights, an adjustable seat and a small carrier in the back.

There are instructions in English. It's really easy but in case you get stuck, don't be shy about asking for help from a friendly Tel Aviv native.

How Much Does It Cost?

As of Oct. 2022, the rates for renting a Tel-O-Fun bike are as follows for one-time rentals:

Green Pedal Bikes:

  • Onetime unlocking fee - 3 Shekels
  • Weekday Charge per minute .03 Shekels
  • Weekend charge per minute: .05 Shekels 

Blue e-bikes:

  • Onetime unlocking fee - 6 Shekels
  • Weekday Charge per minute .06 Shekels
  • Weekend charge per minute: .08 Shekels 

Note that for both the green and blue bikes, a weekend starts from Friday at 2 PM unitl Saturday at 7 PM. Sames goes for holidays.

There are additional rate options for 3 month and annual subscription.

You can find updated pricing information here.

How Does the Bike Share Work?
Renting and Returning a Bicycle

Go to the Service Terminal at any bike share rental station and choose English.

After you swipe your credit card, you choose what type of subscription you want. After your selection, you will get a card with a printed barcode. You’ll also get a code which you can use for future rentals.

Choose your bike by noting the number written on the docking pole near that bike. Thats the number you will enter in the rental machine

You then go the bike itself and look for the small box on the left of the rear wheel. Open the box cover and press the ‘unlock’ icon. The cable tying the bike to the pole will unlock. Remove the cable from your bike and you’re ready to go.

You can return your rented bikes to any of the bike share stations with an available docking pole. You don’t need to return the bike to the same station you started at.

Just place the bike to the left of the empty docking pole, thread the cable properly through the right side of the small box near the back wheel to the other side of the week. Last but not least, press the locking button until you hear a ‘click.’ This is the only way to end rental clock from running.

If you wish, you can get a receipt from the service terminal for the subscription and for the rental usage time and a printout confirming the time of rental return.

For those of you who are considering returning and re-renting bicycles and bicycling at the cheaper rate for a shorter length of time, be careful! You need to wait 10 minutes until the rental meter resets. Otherwise, your subscription will be billed for the accumulated time of the two rental periods.

Words of Warning

1. Delays in returning bikes will result in very high fees of thousands of shekels. 

2. Before you choose a bike, double-check that the bicycle’s tires are full of air and that it seems in good order. The city makes somewhat of an effort to maintain the bikes but they are in constant use. Some people do complain about the service. So do make sure to check beforehand.

So long as you heed the advice, you should have a great time. Happy Cycling!

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