Bnei Brak Food Tour at Night
Explore this Fascinating Ultra-Orthodox City

I recently went on an amazing Bnei Brak food tour at night. I had so much fun and recommend it highly!

Haredim Ultra Orthodox Jews in Bnei Brak Israel

This night walking tour is an experience of sights, sounds and aromas, an opportunity to discover (and taste!) the food and culture of ultra-orthodox Jews, or ‘haredim’ as they are called in Israel.

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Bnei-Brak is an ultra-orthodox city about fifteen minutes from Tel Aviv. On Thursday nights, the streets of Bnei Brak are full of people shopping and preparing for the Shabbat.

Seeing families with young children and babies in strollers walking at midnight is completely normal here! 

Your Bnei Brak Food Tour Guide

Pini, Bnei Brak Tour leader holding a freshly baked Viznich Challah

The tour is led by Pini, a Hassidic Jew who is a hitech person by day, and enjoys sharing his love of Bnei Brak at night!

As we made our way down the busy streets on a cool and rainy night, Pini pointed out the local landmarks. Bnei Brak is not an 'pretty' city, but it definitely has character!

Pini entertained us with anecdotes, jokes and insights into the customs of this insulated, but fascinating religious community. He explained to us how, by looking at the hair, head covering and clothing of passerbys, one can discern between different types of ultra-orthodox sects.

The best part of the Bnei Brak food tour is, of course, the food tasting!  You will be sampling treats at different places along the way. So do come hungry

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Piping Hot Challah Bread Fresh From the Oven

Entering Vishnitz Challah Bakery, the aroma of freshly baked challah bread is intoxicating. 

piping hot challah bread at Vishnitz Challahs in Bnei Brak Israel

You get to taste the delicious challah still hot from the oven. Challah is traditional Jewish knotted bread eaten on Shabbat.

Vishnitz Challah Bakery is considered the best challah bakery in Bnei-Brak and perhaps in all of Israel. It is open only two days a week, on Thursdays and Fridays, so that the community can buy the challahs just before the Sabbath.

Jewish-Hungarian Cakes and Pastries

We continuted eating at Katz Bakery, where we tasted from different authentic Jewish-Hungarian pastries.  

My favorite one was called 'jerbo', a traditional Hungarian layered cake made with chocolate, walnuts, apricot jam, and sometimes with poppy-seed. Delicious!

Smoked Fish and Vodka Chasers

My favorite spot was Zehava’s Delicatessen which specializes in their homemade smoked fish.  

They offer a huge variety of smoked and pickled herring, lox (smoked salmon), white fish and more.  

The store set up a small table for us with a tantalizing assortment of fishes, crackers, pickles, olives and a bottle of vodka.

The fish goes down great with the chasers! My favorite was the red smoked herring. The red color comes from the beets used in the pickling process.  The fish tasted fresh and the flavor was quite delicate.

Traditional Ashkenazic Cooked Food

The last food stop was at Shtisel's which prepares traditional Ashkenazic food, meaning Jewish Eastern European food.

They prepare mainly for takeaway, but have a room in the back where you can eat. We sat at a table and were served:

  • a variety of 'kugels' -

A kugel is a thick casserole / pudding dish that is usually made from either potatoes or noodles.

  • chulent - traditional Sabbath dish made with beans, meat, bones, onions and potatoes that has been slow-cooked all night long. It is super tasty and super rich.
  • chopped liver and egg salad
  • gefilte fish - traditional carp fish patties served on their own, or stuffed inside boiled carp
  • cucumber and cabbage salads

Booking a  Bnei Brak Food Tour

  • Tour Start Time and Duration: Tour starts at 6 PM and runs between 3 to 4 hours.
  • Food Stops: There are at least 4 tasting stops so come hungry! 
  • Tours run every Wednesday and Thursday evening.
  • You can join a tour for 210 shekels per person. Most tours are in Hebrew but we provide English speaking tours as well. 
  • You can order a private English speaking tour at the following rates:
  • 1 Person Private Tour:      950 Shekels
  • 2-4 Person Private Tour:   500 Shekels per person
  • 5-10 Person Private Tour: 270 Shekels per person
  • 11+ Person Private Tour:  185 Shekels per person

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