Hilton Tel Aviv Hotel
5 Star Luxury from a Cliff by the Sea

For the ultimate Tel Aviv sea view, nothing beats the luxurious Hilton Tel Aviv Hotel perched on a cliff by the sea!

hilton tel aviv hotel on a cliff overlooking the sea -amazing view

The view from the lobby, the lounges and the rooms is among the best in the city. In fact, every single room has a balcony with a sea-view.

The Location is Simply Ideal

The Hilton is in a central location, just north of Independence Park (Gan HaAtzmaut) and smack in the middle of the gorgeous stretch of Tel Aviv beaches and the Tel Aviv boardwalk.

The Hilton beach is one of the best beaches in Tel Aviv.

You can walk within minutes from the Hilton Hotel to the picturesque Marina to the south…

 hilton tel aviv hotel just north of the tel aviv marina

Try a 10 to 15 minute walk to the lively Tel Aviv port area to the north.

And then try the half hour walk south down to the old Jaffa port. The view is gorgeous and you can stop at one of the many restaurants, bars and cafes lining the beach along the way.

Read more on the best places to eat in our page on Tel Aviv Restaurants.

Hilton Tel Aviv Hotel Rooms and Lounges

The hotel offers 4 types of rooms - Standard, Plus, Suites and Executive Rooms. Most guests agree that even the standard rooms have exceptionally comfortable beds.

standard plus room at the  hilton tel aviv hotel

The Plus rooms are on the top ten floors and have been fully renovated. Besides being new and luxurious, you will love the exceptionally large, marble bathrooms!

The upscale executive and vista rooms have access, respectively, to the two truly lovely lounges, the Executive Lounge on the 12th floor and Vista Lounge on the 17th floor.

stunning view from the hilton tel aviv hotel vista lounge on the 17th floor

Both lounges are open all day and offer astounding sea views.

The superb executive lounge breakfast is included in the price of your room!

Both lounges serve meals or refreshments all day long and are really wonderful. The executive lounge is considered by some a touch better than the Vista Lounge.

Facilities and Service at the Hilton Tel Aviv Hotel

The Hilton has a beautiful, saltwater pool with a convenient entrance right to the beach. 

It can get full during the vacation season, so best to come early to catch a good lounge chair. 

You can work out, relax and be treated royally at the Cybex fitness club, sauna, Jacuzzi and the Hilton Spa. The pool and gym are free. The hotel charges guests for use of the other facilities. 

The hotel and facilities are really beautiful. A minor comment on the service. It is good, but perhaps not up to par with what you might expect. Some guests rave about the warm hospitality at the Hilton, but the hotel management needs to improve just a bit the level of service.

The Hilton charges about $20 for daily internet access. Other Tel Aviv luxury hotels do the same. it is irritating to some. 

Dining at the Hilton Tel Aviv Hotel

The breakfast buffet which is included in your room charge at the Hilton is outstanding both in terms of quality and quantity.   

The food at the hotel is way above the standard of other 5 star hotels. You can enjoy the sea view at the Yakimono Sushi Bar where the sushi and Japanese food is excellent, but expensive.

A small word to the wise.

The hotel charges 4 times the street rate for bottled water so buy your water outside the hotel at a nearby kiosk and keep it cold in your room’s minibar refrigerator!

All in all, you can’t beat the location, amazing views and deluxe style of the Hilton Tel Aviv Hotel. It is definitely one of the best of the luxury hotels in the city.

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