Kikar Hamedina
For the Poshest Tel Aviv Shopping  

posh tel aviv shopping in kikar hamedina

Kikar Hamedina is a fashionista's delight!

Translated as 'State Square', the Kikar has a large grassy area in its midst, surrounded by an outer circular street called He Be'iyar Street.

This street is lined with luxury residential apartments, resting above very posh designer stores and boutiques, making this area one of the most expensive areas in Tel Aviv.

You can stroll along the wide street, browse from store to store or just window shop and enjoy the elegant window displays. 

The Fashionable Outer Circle

Designer fashion stores in Tel Aviv on He BeIyar Street

The main attractions of Kikar Hamedina are the brand names and high-end shops all along He Be'iyar street.  

The boutiques here are brimming with designer labels, rivaling New York's Fifth Avenue and Regents Street in London. 

This fashion paradise serves the elite clientele of the area, but many tourists come to the Kikar to find good bargains on some of the best high fashion brand names like Burberry, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada and many more.

High fashion and designer stores on Kikar Hamedina, Tel Aviv
He BeIyar Street on the Kikar in Tel Aviv for elegant Tel Aviv shopping

This elegant area in the north of Tel Aviv is close to most of the city’s major cultural and commercial centers - within minutes from Tel Aviv’s Arlozorov Train Station, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, the Kameri Theater complex, and more.

It is easily accessible by bus, by foot and of course by taxi.

History of Kikar Hamedina

Designed by Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer and Israeli architects, today’s elegant Kikar Hamedina was once the site for circus performances!  

Twice a year the Italian travelling Medrano Circus came to town and erected a huge tent in the sandy center. 

In the 1950's and 60's, during holidays, the Italian Medrano circus came to town smack in the center of Kikar Hamedina in Tel Aviv

The picture to the right was taken from Jabotinsky Street and shows the circus tent in the center of the square.

As strange as it sounds now, while the circus was in town, a procession of elephants, horses, camels and clowns made its way around the Kikar every day.  

During the early 1970s, most of the luxury apartment buildings and storefronts of the outer circle were constructed.  

This established the uniform and beautiful design of the Square that we see today. 

Kikar Hamedina at Night...

The Kikar at night is a completely different experience than during the day. 

Though most of the shops are closed, the area at night is quiet and peaceful. I love coming herewith my friends or my daughters for an evening walk when less people are out.  

Designer shops and great window shopping in tel aviv

We stroll along, checking out the styles and artistic window displays. The displays change regularly and are lots of fun.

Most of shops here don't carry Israeli designers. For more about where to shop for the best fashion of Israel, visit our page on Tel Aviv Shopping.

After spending time shopping or window-browsing, you can take a much needed break at one of the outdoor cafes or bakeries conveniently located in between the shops or just off one of Kikar Hamedina's corner streets.

You can order a proper meal, but I usually prefer a light snack at nigh. A creamy cappuccino for me and hot chocolate for my girls, with one of their delicious croissants is our usual order.  

An Urban Oasis and Doggy Paradise

Kikar Hamedina in Tel Aviv. Not just for posh shopping but a fun, green oasis!

I love the calm grassy heart  of the Kikar...

It's bordered by a lovely tree-lined path with benches for jogging, strolling and biking. You'll find me often sitting on one of the benches, reading a book or just people watching.

There is nothing more pleasant than leisurely walking around the Kikar on a sunny day, and then crossing the street to the relaxed atmosphere of the inner circle.

The inner grassy circle is a dog lover's paradise!

Kikar Hamedina in Tel Aviv - besides offering the best of high fashion shopping, it's a dog lover's paradise

Every afternoon dozens of dog owners have a meet-and-greet, while their dogs frolic around freely, playing and chasing each other in this dog-friendly environment. It’s fun to see the dogs running around playfully, while the owners chat with each other.

The Future of the Kikar 

Unfortunately, property developers and urban planners have eyed the wide open space of the Kikar's center for decades.  

The residents would hate to see their unobstructed skyline destroyed by high-rise buildings.  Local merchants also oppose the expansion plans out of concern that prolonged building  would damage their business.  Different plans over the years for high rise buildings have, luckily, fallen through thanks to local opposition.   

Like most Telavivians, I  personally hope this lovely urban oasis, uniquely combining the best of international fashion,  shops alongside a grassy, green sanctuary in over-crowded Tel Aviv will continue for many years to come.

But until the powers that be decide the fate of Kikar Hamedina, we can enjoy it for all it offers.

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