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Want to read up on local news in Israel before your visit to Israel? 

Many of the newspapers from Israel publish a native English language version online. Catching up on current affairs in Israel from an Israeli perspective is interesting, whether you are home or here in Israel.

Here's our comprehensive list of online, English language news sources that cover current affairs in Israel. 

Newspapers from Israel
The most popular Online News Sources 

Most of the traditional print newspapers from Israel offer online versions. The most popular ones are covered here:

Ynet Israel's most popular online news source

Ynet is Israel's most popular online news site. It is the Internet version of Yediot Aharonot, Israel's long-running newspaper, but much of the online content is original.

Ynet contains news, political commentary and analysis by respected reporters, and lots of general content. Politically, Ynet is considered centrally aligned, more or less.

You can read the native English news site here, or download the Ynet English Apps on both iPhone and Android.

Haaretz is Israel's most respected newspaper and also its oldest, founded in 1918. Haaretz is a liberal and left-leaning newspaper, more or less the equivilant of the NY Times in the US. In fact, its English edition is published and sold in Israel as part of the International New York Times.

You can find the online, native English website here, or you can download the Haaretz English apps on both iPhone and Android.

Note that Haaretz online is protected by a pay-wall for more than several articles per month.

The Jerusalem Post is a more conservative, right-wing newspaper

Founded in 1932 as a liberal newspaper, the Jerusalem Post is the first newspaper publishing in English only (and today in French too). Politically, the Jerusalem Post is considered a center-right oriented newspaper in Israel.

The online version JPost combines both original writing and content from the print newspaper. There is a premium version protected by a pay-wall.

You can read the native English website here, or you can download the Jpost English apps on both iPhone and Android.

Newspapers from Israel
Other Popular Israel News Portals 

The other leading newspapers in Israel are:

The Times of Israel is a new English news portal on Israel  founded in 2012. Politically, the Times of Israel is independent. It has an English, French, Arabic and Persian langauge version.

The Times of Israel focuses not just on Israel but on all issues relating to world Jewry. It hosts the US Jewish papers, the Jewish Week, the Jewish Standard, the Atlanta Jewish Times, The Jewish Chronicle of Pittsburgh and the UK's Jewish News. 

You can read the native English website here.

The other major news sources on Israel are:

Israel Hayom. This conservative, right-wing newspaper was founded in 2007. It has become the most popular printed newspaper in Israel because it is distributed free of charge. Its main incentive is not profit, but right-wing and conservative reporting. It is owned and funded by Sheldon and Miriam Adelson, who have also donated monies to the Trumps. 

The following online papers are among Israel's most popular, but they do not have English versions. You can use your browser settings and have the websites translated automatically to English:

Maariv is one of Israel's longest running, leading newspapers. 

Mako News - one of Israel's leading online news and entertainment sites

Walla News - another of Israel's leading online portals, owned by Bezeq, Israel's national communications operator.

Newspapers from Israel
Israel's Financial Newspapers

Israel has three main financial online news sources. 

Globes - Israel's independent financial news source

Globes is Israel's oldest financial newspaper, founded in 1988. It is also the only independent financial periodical in Israel that isn't associated with any general content newspaper. Globes covers financial news and general news that impact the markets ,and has an extensive section covering the stock exchanges and capital markets.

You can find their native English website here.

The other business news sources in Israel are aligned with Israel's general content newspaper publishers:

Haaretz Business -is the business section of Haaretz available in English.

The Marker is a much broader business online portal published by Haaretz. It is only available in Hebrew, but you can use your browser's automatic translator function.

Calcalist - is the financial newspaper published by the Yediot Aharanot group. It is only available in Hebrew, but you can use your browser's automatic translator function.

Newspapers from Israel
Interesting Scoops and Angles on All things Israel

There are a host of other online newspapers, blogs and magazines that focus on Israel, or specific aspects of Israeli news and culture.

Israel21C is one of the best.  Founded in 2001, Israel21C is a nonprofit publisher of an English-language online general-interest portal on all things Israel, with original articles, videos, and blogs that trys to bring Israel news items and scoops that the mainstream newspapers do not cover. 

Debka covers Israel's intelligence, military and security news. Founded in the year 2000 by editors of the Economist, Debka specialists cover news, commentary and analyses on terrorism, intelligence, military and international relations. 

The Jerusalem Report - is published every two weeks and provides readers with an in-depth analysis of current affairs in Israel. It is knows as a center-left leaning magazine, despite the fact that it is published by the Jerusalem Post Group which is conservative. 

On Kan you can listen to Israel news in English. Kan is part of the Israel Public Broadcasting Corporation that was newly formed after all the national broadcasting in Israel was re-organized between 2017 and 2018. 

KolHair - is the most established, independent newspaper on everything about the city of Jerusalem. It is only available in Hebrew, but you can use your browser's automatic translator function. 

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