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a Solo Build It review by Ayelet Porat

Hi. Some background on me before I start my Site Build It! Review.

I'm a real person. I've been a hi-tech Business Executive for 30 years. I enjoy my work which continues to challenge and stimulate me.

But at time it gets exhausting...

So after one of the cyber startups I worked at was sold, I decided to take a break. You can read more about that experience here.

As part of my work, I've built modern, professional websites using Wordpress and similar products. The websites did an excellent job at company and product branding. And when we spent money on adwords and ads, we generated leads.

Yet despite my extensive experience, I didn't really understand how the internet worked. Like everyone, I read and heard that you can earn money on the web with no financial investment, but that didn't seem to make business sense.

I was intrigued. I wanted to find out more about online business.

My Site Build It! Review
Research, Research... and more Research

You may be researching the web just like I did. I used search terms such as: 'how to make money online', 'how to build profitable websites', and so on.

Site Build It! Review - researching the internet how to build an online business

I found tons of suggestions online on. 

  • How to build beautiful websites 
  • How to get wealthy quickly on the web
  • SEO tips and tricks for getting easy traffic
  • How to make money using all kinds of internet marketing techniques

It got confusing!

Somehow or other, I stumbled upon Site Built It! which is now called Solo Build It!

Something about the company landing pages and reviews caught my attention. They didn't feel canned. They felt genuine, written by real people from around the world with unique voices and completely different websites. Take a look yourself at some Site Build It! Reviews

And unlike all those companies promising instant websites and quick profits, they all emphasized how much time, determination and effort it took to succeed in building an online business. That's something I can believe in. I do not believe in miracles. 

I continued my research, read and reread for a few weeks.

It was the 90 day moneyback guarantee that clinched my decision. Let's give it a shot, I told myself. Worse comes to worst, I'll get my money back.

This is the era of fake news, so beware of fake reviews out there.

Its normal for a business to get positive and negative reviews. But if there are loads of reviews publishing themselves as Site Build It! Reviews, but which end up linking you to a competing product, something smells fishy. You can assume that the people writing the reviews are earning an affiliate commission.

So put out your 'fake' feelers.

My Site Build It! Review
Getting Started

I signed up, and I was amazed! The amount of tools and information from SBI is truly unbelievable.

I finally started to understand how things work on the web, and how you can utilize that knowledge to build a business that makes money.

  • I appreciated the logic of it all. It makes perfect business sense to focus on keywords where you can score easily with the right mix of demand and competition. Brainstormer is a gem!
  • CTPM is so simple and elegant, that it seems self-evident. Good content brings the traffic. Presell well, and you are ready to monetize. Yes, I totally got it. You can read more about CTPM here.

The sheer amount of information to process and work might seem overwhelming. Choosing your perfect niche. Keywords. Planning your website tier structure and pages. Selecting from hundreds of designs (that were not available back when I started in 2011!) Writing content with real passion. Going social. Monetization.

My best advice is to stick to the Action Guide, step by step. Don't rush things.

The SBI Forum community is amazing and supportive, and you can learn a lot. But at times, I recommend you tune out the noise and just focus on the Action Guide. 

My Site Build It! Review
Building an Online Business 

Its been 7 years since I chose SBI! to help me build this website and business on Tel Aviv and Israel, the city and country where I chose to make my home back in 1991.  

View of Tel Aviv from Jaffa Hill

Building a business online takes a lot of time and effort, just as an offline business does. But the beauty with SBI! is that other than the $300 annual fee, there are no hidden costs. You don't need to pay anything else to anyone else. The fact that SBI gives me all the tools and keeps me fully updated is critical for me.

I get everything I need from one source, which save me lots of time.

The SBI support team respond quickly and efficiently, even on weekends and holidays which is unusual.

My Site Build It! Review
Fun and Success

This website is my labor of love. I put in the work I can spare. A few hours a week.

For better or worse, I made a conscious decision to continue my hitech career which takes up a huge amount of my time... So the amount of time I have available to work on my web business is  limited.

Yet despite the part-time endeavor, my web business is growing slowly, but steadily! Traffic continues to grow. Earnings grow. now ranks in the top .07% of all active websites worldwide. SBI has at least 500 solopreneurs with websites in the top .05%! 

Besides having fun and earning extra income, there is something else I have to mention.

It may sound corny, but Solo Build It! has a heart and soul! I've had dealings with so many companies in my life, and I've never encountered anything like it. SBI fosters a wonderfully supportive community and a positive, can-do spirit. Its a delight. 

I feel lucky and grateful to have found Solo Build It, which made my online journey as successful as it is.

If you too want to try to do something on the web, if you want to develop yourself, and are willing to work hard and with determination, I recommend you try Solo Build It. 

Thanks for listening, and good luck!

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