Essential Tips for Travellers
to Tel Aviv and Israel

It's a good idea to uncover those practical tips for travellers when planning a trip to any travel destination.

Planning to visit Tel Aviv? Whether you’re coming on business or pleasure, you'll find lots of useful information and tips I've gathered for you about the local time in Israel, weather conditions, local national and bank holidays, visa information and lots more.

Here's a list of common questions that crop up when travelling. Press on each link to find answers and information you need to know about Tel Aviv.

What’s the Local Time?

Visit Time in Tel Aviv to find out the local time in Israel and compare the time in Tel Aviv with some other countries and cities around the world.

What’s Tel Aviv Weather Like?

Visit our page on Tel Aviv Weather Right Now. You can read about current weather conditions including the temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, wind and humidity conditions and the chances of rain.

Or press this link - Weather in Tel Aviv Year Round - if you're planning a trip and want to know when is the best season to visit, what kind of clothes to bring and what weather to expect year round.

Visa and Passport Requirements?

Press on the link Visa Israel Information if you're wondering whether you need a visa to visit Israel and if there are any other requirements regarding your passport or travel documents.

US Embassy in Tel Aviv and Other Major Embassies

Soon you can visit this upcoming page to find out the location of all major embassies and consulates in Tel Aviv.

What are the local holidays I need to know about before visiting Tel Aviv?

Before you visit, it's important to find out when are the local Israel holidays and how they might influence your travel plans.


This upcoming link will include different maps of Tel Aviv highlighting what to see and where to visit.

Tell me about Israeli newspapers

This upcoming page will review English language newspapers available in Tel Aviv and will also cover all about Israeli newspapers.

I'll never succeed in covering all the useful tips for travellers to Tel Aviv.

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