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Useful Sites We Recommend

Here's a helpful list of English-language Israel websites which you can use when planning or visiting Israel. 

The websites are split into 4 main topics:

Israel Websites – Transportation

Bus Travel

Egged is the primary, national bus operator for travel between Israel cities.

Go to the Egged link for bus routes, timetables and prices. Or download the Egged APPs.

Dan runs the buses in the greater Tel Aviv area.

Train Travel

The Israel Rail link provides train routes throughout Israel, schedules and prices in English. Or download:

Israel Rail App for Android

or Israel Rail App for iPhone.

Citypass runs the Light Rail Mass Metro system in Jerusalem.

Apps for Public Transportation Routes and Taxis

Moovit provides realtime routes and information on buses and trains in Israel.

Gett Taxi allows you to pre-order taxis and pay via credit card. Download:

Gett Taxi for Android 

or Gett Taxi for iPhone


Flights To and From Israel International Ben Gurion Airport. The following two links show the actual flight times for flights arriving and departing from Ben Gurion Tel Aviv Airport.  

Ben Gurion International Arrivals

Ben Gurion International Departures

For all the vital information you need on Ben Gurion airport including security, duty-free shopping and much more, read more at Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion Airport.  

Popular Israeli News Sites in English

Israel’s most popular online newspaper is Ynet.

Haaretz is Israel’s most influential ('highbrow') online news site.

The more right-wing online newspaper is the Jerusalem Post.

The newest paper on the block is The Times of Israel.

The two leading Israel Financial News websites that are available in English are:

  • and Globes, Israel's veteran financial news site. 

The most interesting online magazine on Israel is Israel 21C.

Israel Financial Sites

Tel Aviv Stock Exchange - TASE

Current Bank of Israel Exchange Rates

Israel Security Authority - List of Companies with a Valid Investment License

Additional Israel Websites with Useful Info 

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