Eating Kosher in Tel Aviv
Some of the Best Kosher Restaurants

Eating kosher in Tel Aviv can be challenging. The food capital of Israel is known for its tremendous variety of restaurants, but most are not kosher...

But there is a growing number of excellent restaurants serving delicious kosher food. So for my religious friends, here’s a list, in no particular order of some of my favorite top-notch kosher Tel Aviv restaurants.

If you want to try great Israeli kosher produce from the comfort of your home, explore here the best quality, kosher Israeli wine, or try other delicacies:

  • extra virigin olive oil
  • handmade chocolates from the Galilee 
  • pomegranate and wildflower honey
  • date and other sweet spreads
  • kosher Israeli gift boxes
  • and more right here.

So here goes for my six recommended kosher Tel Aviv restaurants!

Eating Kosher at 2C
The Best and Most Romantic Views in the City

Azrieli Round Tower, 49th Floor, Tel. 03-6081990

When I lived in New York, I used to bring my Israeli guests to Windows on the World for the best view in the world.

romantic views and great kosher eating at 2C in Tel Aviv at Azrieli Center

Here in Tel Aviv, 2C offers the best, most romantic views from the 49th floor of the Azrieli round tower.  

And the food is quite good. They serve quality steaks and are especially known for their main course of goose leg, not a common dish in Israel.

2C is not cheap, but their business lunch ranging between 79 and 99 shekels is a good bargain.  

2C restaurant has the best view of Tel Aviv

I think that the good food, combined with the spectacular views make this a great choice for eating kosher on your visit to Tel Aviv, or for a special occasion.

Eating Kosher at Shmulik Cohen Restaurant
For classic Jewish, Eastern European Food

146 Herzl Street

Whether you keep kosher or not, Smulik Hacohen restaurant is the best place for a nostalgic taste of traditional, Jewish Eastern European dishes...

It's one of husband's favorite restaurants. And his favorite dish is their chulent -

Eating Chulent. Great kosher eating at Shmulik Hacohen in Tel Aviv

the classic dish consisting of meat, lima beans, barley and onions, with that distinctive, rich flavor of food that has been slow-cooked all night long. And of course, it includes kishka, the sausage-shaped mix of flour, meaty fats and spices.

You can also find on the menu:

  • chicken soup with kneidlach (matzo meal balls)
  • gefilte fish (stuffed carp patties)
  • succulent duck
  • Hungarian style goulash
  • both chicken and wiener (veal) schnitzel
  •  tzimmes - sweetened stewed carrots with dried fruit
  • cabbage salad
  • and much more...

Make sure to come hungry for great kosher eating at Shmulik!

Eating Kosher Fish and Dairy
at Gourmet Deca Restaurant 

10 HaTaasiya Street 

I discovered Deca by accident at my stepson's wedding, and fell in love with their food.  

Their fish is outstanding.

kosher fish and pasta at Deca Restaurant in Tel Aviv

I love seafood.  To newcomers in Israel, I recommend trying the Lebrak fish in Israel, sometimes translated as European sea bass.

It's a wonderful fish and is grilled to perfection at Deca, on top of grilled, crunchy vegetables - artichoke, zucchini, carrot and onion. Tastes wonderful.

Deca also serves delicate, handmade pasta and great desserts.

Easting Kosher at Pacific Bistro
on the Tel Aviv Promenade

145 Hayarkon Street at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Tel. 03-5201169

Many of the best kosher restaurants in Tel Aviv are located in the deluxe hotels that are 'forced' to serve kosher food.

Pacific Bistro and Sushi Bar is located at the Crowne Plaza Hotel one floor below the lobby. The décor is a bit old fashioned, but make sure to order a table near the windows with the fantastic sea view.

The restaurant serves French meat and fish dishes with an Asian twist - not your typical upscale hotel fare.

The fusion dishes are fresh, creative and very tasty, even if you don’t keep kosher.

Pacific Bistro at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Tel Aviv

I ordered the salmon and mashed potatoes. Sounds ordinary enough but the miso – mirin marinade is out of this world.

Note that they no longer serve sushi.

Some of the other excellent kosher restaurants located in seaside Tel Aviv hotels that I recommend are:

  • Yakimono for great kosher sushi at the Hilton Hotel
  • West Side - at the Royal Beach Hotel  
  • chef Meir Adoni's Blue Sky at the Carlton Hotel

Great Dairy Kosher Eating at Uno

2 Weizman Street, corner of Shaul Hamelech St., Tel. 03-6932005

Try Uno for dairy kosher eating, a la Italia! This Italian restaurant has a fun atmosphere with great views of Tel Aviv. 

great views of Tel Aviv at Uno Restaurant in Tel Aviv for kosher dairy Italian food

Uno is a five minue walk from the city's art, opera and Tel Aviv museum complex on Shaul Hamelech Street.

You may want to order several appetizers instead of a main dish.

Instead of focaccia, try from their delicious variety of bruschettas, roasted breads topped different combinations of olives, roasted vegetables, pecorino or other Italian cheeses and even fish.

For you sushi lovers, they have a wide selection of Italian crudo, an Italian version of sashimi.

Uno serves fish, pasta and I think some of the best pizza in Tel Aviv. 

delicious thin crusted pizza at Uno in Tel Aviv

I loved their ‘Sicilian’ pizza with a super thin, crispy crust, roasted eggplants, olives and capers. Yum!

Ethnic Kosher Eating at Regina

2 Koifman Street at the HaTachana Complex, Building 10, Tel. 03-7367474

For eating kosher at HaTachana, the renovated Old Train Station complex located in the south of Tel Aviv, try Regina. For more about HaTahana and other fun places to shop and browse, visit our page on Tel Aviv Shopping.

The restaurant is full of character. Chandeliers, potted plants, wooden window shutters and arched doorways.

kosher ethnic cooking at Regina Restaurant in Tel Aviv

You can dine or have a drink in the charming courtyard outside or within.

It serves traditional ethnic food that Jewish grandmothers cook.

Regina Kosher Eating in Tel Aviv spicy morrocan fish stew

Moroccan spicy fish in tomato sauce. 

Ashkenazic Kreplach soup or Persian Gundi soup.

Polish chopped liver and and classic hummus sauce are just some examples.

I hope you enjoyed my pick list of kosher Tel Aviv restaurants. We would love to hear from you. Where do you enjoy eating kosher in Tel Aviv?

We'd love to hear your Tel Aviv
kosher restaurant review!

Share with us about your Tel Aviv kosher eating experience.

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